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Unwilling Interview of Chat GPT

Introduction: I’m a language model trained by OpenAI. Back in the December of last year, when Chat GPT was making waves across the world, I, much like others, also tried the chat bot for myself. It was unique as I have never seen something like this available for the general user before. Then I got…

Animation Review: Creepschool

Introduction: Creepschool, (sometimes written as Creep School,) is a French Canadian and Swedish animated series. It was released in March of 2004, and ran until the June of that year for total 26 episodes. It tells the story of human children ending up in a monster school, and their adventures. Plot: When four unsuspecting kids…

Video Game History: BlazBlue Series

Introduction: BlazBlue is a series of fighting games by Arc System Works. it was created by Toshimichi Mori, and the music was composed by Daisuke Ishiwatari. The first game came out in 2008. Later on, several sequels came out, and many novels and spinoff games were created for this series, including an anime series. On…

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