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Welcome 2007 review


If you go to an Indian roasting youtube channel, (Or just a youtube channel in general,) you will see memes. A lot of memes.

And some of those memes come from the Bollywood movies, and Welcome is one of those movies.

Released in 2007, this movie starred the stars like Akshay Kumar, Nana Patekar. While the movie does have a relatively serious plot, it is most known for its comedy.

So, why am I reviewing this “Old” movie?

There can be many answers to this. Because I think that old movies should be reviewed time to time, as time changes, and people’s way of thinking change.

(That is too much of a deep reason. Let’s see a selfish reason.)

Because it’ll hopefully drive traffic to my blog. Yes, that is the more important reason.


The uncle of Rajiv, wishes to marry him. (Oh, I how hate this kind of plot,) and he doesn’t want any family from the criminal background.

Meanwhile, Uday Shetti, a local don, wishes to marry his sister. When these two families collide, it starts the plot of this movie.

Opening scene:

As the voice of Ompuri narrates, we get to see, (And I get to hear,) the wonderful sounds of drills, and a patient screaming in pain in the hospital of a doctor. The doctor has a neck problem, (I don’t exactly know what is the problem, but I suspect it is a particular way of his nodding,) which causes him to be slapped in disgust by other people.

Once the introduction to the doctor Ghungroo’s family introduction is over, (As well as his particular way of assessing the bride’s family,) we shift to the Uday Shetty’s boat, where he is trying to convince a family that he is an honest and upstanding citizen, having many businesses in his sister’s name.

Rest of the movie:

Now, as usual, I will be noting the amusing parts as they occur, while trying not to spoil the plot too much. We’ll then discuss the ending, and my final opinion.

Now, despite just being a scene to move the plot, it is my favorite scene in the entire movie. When Majnu, who is the goon working under Uday Shetty, calls doctor Ghungroo, and demands “Security Money,” the angry doctor curses him, and gives him no respect at all.

His boss and everyone who works with him, (Or do the job of small goons,) were all there, and were hearing the doctor’s every word. Once the phone call disconnects, they all burst out laughing, while Majnu leaves for the house of Ghungroo.

I suppose this is a classic case of bullying the dragon, as the tv tropes would like to call it.

Then, we get another scene, where the news anchor is complaining about the crime spree of Majnu, and how no one is willing to do anything about it.

Why do I include this insignificant thing here? Mainly because it reminded me of the modern news anchors. Same pretend deep voice, same yelling, same hammy dialogs. Looks like Indian news actually never changed, judging from this movie.


At the end, everyone gathers at a treehouse, which was cut by some officers, in a hope of killing all the criminals inside. However, despite the house slowly falling into a valley, arrival of bees, everyone survives, and Rajiv gets to marry his… his… his….

He finally gets to marry his love. *Ug!*

My opinion overall:

While the movie definitely has some serious moments, the comedy is where it shines. And though I’ve made more than one remark about the love story, (Which is a problem of the Indian movies as a whole,) it doesn’t get in the way of the comedy much.

The comedic dialogs, as well as the situations, makes it easy to see why this movie gets so many memes.

So, I suppose you can watch it if you’re in a need of laugh. However, don’t go too deep into the story, Bollywood movies can’t handle that level of scrutiny.

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