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Book Review: Kraken Island


Craken Island is a book by Eric S. Brown, published on May 5, 2016 by Severed Press. It tells the story of a black ops squad called reapers, who are tasked to stop the monster awakened by a doomsday cult.


Colonel Brannon Jackson’s Reapers are the toughest, deadliest, black ops squad that America has at her disposal. When the mission can’t afford to fail, the Reapers are the ones on the sharp end. A group of doomsday cultists determined to bring about the end of humanity is the Reapers’ latest target but this time even the Reapers may not be able to save the world as a prehistoric monster rises to claim the Earth’s seas as its own.

(Thanks to goodreads for the summary.)


To be honest, there aren’t many experiences for me to recount for this book. As a result, I decided to skip “My reading experiences” section entirely.

Besides, the plot is simple. You’ve got genetically modified squids, running havoc on the military, despite everything which they do, the military unit fails to stop them from spilling everywhere in the world. Also, all the characters with whom we are introduced at the beginning of the book, do end up dying at the end, while squids are still running around causing problems, and boarding the military ships.

If there’s any truth in people liking relatable characters in a work of fiction, and liking that piece of fiction because of that character, but not finding anything relatable would turn them off from that fiction, then that certainly happened to me within this book.

Here’s my recommendation. If you like this book, pick it up, you might end up liking it. It is not very long either, so you will be done with it quickly, depending on your reading speed.

I on the other hand, would probably end up forgetting about this book in few days, as it often happens when I find the plot unappealing.

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