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Book Review: Mage Assassin


Mage Assassin is the book by author Logan Jacobs, published in February 2021. It follows the adventures of an assassin, who has the power to change into other people’s appearance by touching them.


To kill a common man, use a blade.

To kill a soldier, use a bow.

To kill a mage, use stronger magic.

To kill a fallen god? Well… I better figure out what to use soon.

I’m a murder, a hired killer, an assassin with unheard of magic. I never asked to be a hero, but if I don’t stop this titan from destroying the kingdom, he will kill me, my family of assassins, and the two beautiful women that I love.

So it is a hero I will become.

(Thanks to goodreads for providing the summary so generously.)

My reading experiences:

This world is full of all sorts of species besides humans. From common ones like Elves, to less common like Nymphs.

I won’t lie, I like the power of Dex Morgan the protagonist. Just taking someone’s appearance by touch is an interesting concept, and of course, it also presents some challenges.

For example, he has to be kept away from others, always wrapped in blankets to make sure that he doesn’t change into their appearance when he couldn’t control his powers as a child.

The description more than once, runs for too long, and becomes too flowery, especially when describing women. Which, honestly, is cringeworthy if you ask me. Here’s an assassin, sent to kill this woman, instead, he is waxing lyrical about her beauty in his head, which is Harry Dresden all over again.

I am a male too, and I certainly appreciate the opposite sex as much as another guy. But I never do this waxing lyrical about her beauty in my head.


First, let’s get the good parts out of the way. I like the world in which the story takes place. It clearly has more species which are just as strong as the humans, humans are not superior and most numerous here by the default. (At least that’s the impression I got by reading the description of the various things which the main character presents us with his thoughts.)

The magical power of the main character is very interesting. Even though I already covered this part, I feel like repeating it here.

Assassins as the holders of justice… okay, I can point out many things wrong with that idea. But hay, who says that it can’t happen, or it can’t be done?

Now, here are the bad things. First, the book starts slow. I mean really slow. Not only we get the description of the world, (Which is fine,) but we also get to see some characters which prove to be not as important later down the road. What was the point then?

As a result, these long descriptions, which turns into flowery description when a woman is present, drags out the book too much.

Also, another thing which bugs me. Why can’t a beautiful woman be a villain? Why must she have to be a love interest?

If you can look past these things, then go ahead, read the book. I am sure you will enjoy it.

But if you can’t, stay away from it, I’m sure you will find many other books to enjoy.

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