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A Funny Conversation


This amusing conversation took place on Wednesday, October 2021. Which is a fancy way of saying Wednesday of the last week, at least at the time of this writing.

As for why am I writing this here? Well, what’s the point of having a personal blog, if you can’t share some amusing incidents of your life? It is not always about “Build your brand!” Or “Get sponsorship!” Or “Get affiliated!”

now, without further waiting, the conversation.

It was around 2:30 in the afternoon. I was about to take a nap, because I usually feel lethargic during the day time, especially if I wake up early. Though it is an entirely different case if I fall asleep in the morning, and then wake up in the afternoon. Anyway, my phone rang, and after checking for odd fraud numbers, which even use codes of the different countries, as I received one from Russia of all place, despite the fact that I have no contacts there, haven’t applied to a job with a Russian company, I picked up the call.

“Hello?” said a female voice, which didn’t sound like a computer. “Am I speaking to Tanish?”

“You are.” I answered.

(Names of the college and the caller have been changed.)

“I’m speaking from c++ college, my name is JavaScript. Would you like to join us for MBA?” she asked.

(Yes, yes, not the most-greatest of the alternative names. But at least you can chuckle at those.)

“Our college includes practical experience; you will be interned at an actual organization.” I kind of tuned her out at this point.

This wasn’t the first call I’ve received of this kind. Since August, when my graduation was completed, I have been getting calls from various colleges from my city. I don’t remember what I did told her before she started to tell me about their program. (I have a short memory regarding conversations which I don’t deem to be important. I suspect this will cost me somewhere in the future.)

After she got finished with her sales-pitch, I asked a question of my own. “So, I would like to inform you that I’m blind. What facilities your college can provide me?” by facilities I meant subject notes mostly in electronic form, preferably in the dox format.

“Oh, don’t you have special colleges for you?” I kind of detected a tone shift at this point. The sales-pitch was gone, instead replaced by the tone which you use with people when you want to dismiss them as quickly as possible.

This hasn’t happened to me for the first time, nor it’ll be the last.

I replied with, “No. I actually did my graduation from a normal college.” While being fully aware that yes, there are some blind colleges.

Look, it is my belief that it is best to educate kids together, rather than give them different schools. Besides, I’ve been in two of the blind schools in my life, and each of them promoted isolationism so badly, that we couldn’t even talk to the donors who would come to the schools freely.

That, and being educated beside different kids builds character in my opinion, on both sides. But then again, I’m just a blind guy writing for his amusement, trying to get a job, trying to make money in this world. What do I know? It’s not like I have personal experience with this blind kid once upon a time thing or something.

“How do you study then?” she asked, which is a most often asked question when it comes to education, right next to the personal ones like “How did you lose your eyes?” I’ve repeated that one so many times, I could get rich by just getting a coin for telling it.

My explanation of electronic notes followed, as well as the use of writer or scribe during the exam. Which I concluded with, “And besides, if I joined your college, we can figure out more things for the practical things and such.”

She sounded impressed with that. after she told me when is the last date, and to bring my parents, I asked her my next question.

“So, do you offer anything for the programming?”

“You can do some specialization along with our MBA program.” There was more info there, but it kind of went over my head.

After another usual question of how exactly I use a computer, (Which I shall not explain here, do some independent research!) she asked me where I learned to program.

Now, here comes the fun part. “I actually learned from these two devs, who teach students in their free time.”

“Do you have their number? I would like to learn programming as well.”

“I unfortunately don’t.” and, well, I kind of had a falling out with one, and another guy I respect him too much to give his number to some woman just like that. so I lied there.

“Okay, do you know any coaching?” she asked next, not willing to let go of this point.

“No. but there are countless of them. But here’s something which they won’t teach you in any coaching.” At this point, something came over me. I started to pace back and forth, gesticulating with my one free hand wildly, even though no one was there to see me.

“You see,” I said, and feeling as if the woman on the other side of the phone is giving me her wrapped attention. “All these coaching classes and bootcamp will promise you that they’ll teach you programming in three months, or some other duration like that. but you must understand, that even if you understand the basics of programming, you won’t be able to make anything with it in such a short amount of time, you’ll need more experience.”

“Yeah, but I want to make some apps and that sort of stuff. How hard can it be?” may the god bless this poor soul.

Or, you know, don’t. it is best to learn by getting burned sometimes.

“Yeah, but that is the point. You’ll understand the basics. When you’ll open your text editor,” I suspect this one went over her head, “You’ll stare at your screen blankly, not knowing what to do. This is why I say that you’ll need longer experience than whatever those coaching classes are offering you.”

“Oh.” She said, and I felt some understanding finally dawns on her.

“It was great talking to you.” she said at the end, as whatever spell befallen on me came to an end. “Bring your parents before the last date, okay?”

And then the connection went dead.

it is well that she didn’t asked me for the prices of the coaching classes. Unsuccessful developers are literally ripping off the students here these days, justifying their high prices by stating, “Oh come on, you’ll get such a great job, and make so much money, that this sum wouldn’t even look like anything in front of it!”

and the students end up in debt because of it. proving that you don’t have to live in US to get in debt while being a student.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this. The joke is how a recruiter ended up asking the guy whom she was trying to recruit for advice. Please follow me on twitter for updates regarding this blog.

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I'm a guy who likes programming, chess, and writing.

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