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Book Review: Pulse


Pulse is the first book in the series of books, collectively referred as “The Chess Team Adventure.” It is written by Jeremy Robinson, and it was published in 2009 by Thomas Dunne Books.

This book series details the adventures of a secret American (Of course) military group called the Chess Team. They use pieces of chess as their monikers, and are often tasked to deal with the harshest and toughest operations.


When a billionaire finds the head of Hydra, the beast from the Greek mythos, said to be slain by the bastard son of Zeus Hercules (Or Heracles,) he begins his journey to crack the challenge of giving the same regenerative properties as the beast to the humans, in an effort to become immortal.

However, he ends up kidnapping some wrong people, and as a result, attracts the attention of the Chess Team…

My reading experiences:

The book opens normally enough. There is an interview of a young and up-coming scientist, taken by the main villain of the story, followed by the introduction of the Chess Team, who are about to take their vacation.

There vacations are prematurely ended when the brother-in-law of King, the leader of the Chess Team is kidnapped, and when they learn who did the kidnapping and why, the chase is on.

Some of the experiments with Hydra’s DNA go horribly wrong, and people degenerate into mad state. Not only just people, but animals who are experimented also descend into this mad state. Their state reminded me of people who went mad from Orochimaru’s experiment, except there’s no cursed seal here.

All of which is concluded by the Hydra’s rampage at the end of the book, where the gory descriptions of it’s rampage provide the proper horror for the situation.


If you like science fiction merged with mythology, along with descriptions of military weapons, you’ll certainly enjoy this book.

The book doesn’t drag too much, and the pace of the story always remains tight. I didn’t feel any urge to put the book down as a result of boredom during the reading of this book.

With that said, there is one gripe I have. Why must the author include so many descriptions of the weapons? I get that it is a military story, and guns and descriptions are inevitable. But the amount of description given sounded like weapon porn to me a lot of the times.

Aside from that, I have no problems with the book, and recommend it for a fast paced thriller.

Having said that, I think I should state this here that despite trying, I just couldn’t get into the rest of the books of this series. I tried two of them. Instincts, the sequel to this book, and Prime, the prequel to the series. In both cases, I just couldn’t get into the story.

So I suppose that the Chess Team must continue their adventures without me. I wish them every luck in the future.

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