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Anime Review: Full Metal Panic Fumoffu


Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu is a spin-off of Full Metal Panic! It was produced by Kyoto Animation in 2003, it is the first show which they produced on their own. The show was directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto and Shoji Gatoh. Fumihiko Shimo served as composer.

It is not a sequel of the previous anime, instead, it shows some of the side stories from the light novel. It is much more comedic in nature, with no villains who are threatening the world. Though one can argue that high school is a dangerous place as it is, no need for the world threatening villain.

Yes, the question mark is part of the title. It has to do with side stories, most of which were from the light novel, except for the two-parter episode, which was written for this show.

there is, however, another reason for the title. I will not spoil it here though.

The series ran for total twelve episodes.


Sosuke Sagara, the bodyguard of Chidori Kaname tries to adjust to the life of high school, with less than explosive, gun wielding success.

My watching experiences:

Most of the episodes have two stories, except for the two-parter episode which I mentioned earlier. The comedy comes from Sosuke’s uncomprehending of the life outside of the military, with every thing perceived as threat, treated with the overwhelming violence.

I also learned that Sosuke is one terrifying trainer, as he turned a peaceful rather polite team of rugby high school team into a terrifying group, of which other schools are scared to go against.

Kaname is still annoying, but at least it is less annoying by the fact that she is not raging at the people who are trying to save her from the dangerous situation.

I really like the music which plays when the title of the episode appears. It is nothing more than a simple chime, but, it kind of takes me back. Yes, yes, there’s no point talking about a small and insignificant part of the show, but it is called my watching experiences for a reason. Things like this are supposed to be written here.

My opinion over all:

Honestly, why couldn’t this be the first anime, if the whole series would be like this…

Anyway, if you have watched the first anime, which I also reviewed,


then give this one a chance. Otherwise, certain things will go over your head.

If you’re okay by that, then go ahead. This show will delight you; I have no doubt about it.

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