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Facebook changed its name to Meta, so what?


So, this’ll be just some ineffectual ranting against a company which has recently attempted rebranding in an effort to avoid the bad reputation it got buried within the last few years.

Let me simplify for you.

I air my grievances, and hope that telling this incidence and my personal experiences would result in people coming to my blog, given how this is a hot topic currently.

Now that the honest moment is out of the way, let’s begin!

In the beginning.

Back in 2012, we finally had a computer in our house. Naturally, this resulted in my family’s first exposure to the social media, and my mother and sister adapted to it very nicely. (Though my sister already had some experience with it.)

Using computers can be quite complicated, if you want to move on to the understanding beyond “Shiny Icons.” Add it to the fact that screen readers can be complicated to use for the first-time user, since you need to learn how to use keyboard. (Yes, I discriminate against mouse. I suppose I’m a mousiest?)

After I learned to use the computer with a screen reader, naturally, moving to social media was the next step. So a gmail account was created, along with my first social media account on Facebook. The fascination lasted for few months, the fact that most of my friends also regularly talked to me there also helped. But soon enough, my antisocial tendencies reared their head, and I lost all interest. Which to be honest, I don’t regret.

Slowly, I only logged on in few days, which turned into months, which turned into once a year, which finally culminated in the complete stoppage of Facebook, and all social media for me, aside from the WhatsApp groups for school and college.

Then, I created this blog, which resulted in…

Use of social media for promotion.

I finally decided to use social media after creating my blog, mostly because almost every “Start your own blog!” article recommended it. the fact that millions of people hang out there seemed to be a logical place to promote.

From the very beginning, I established one thing in my mind. While promoting on my own account or page is one thing, I will not spam a particular community without asking the permission from the moderators.

Little did I knew that my own account was about to be screwed…

I created a Facebook account for promoting my blog. I created a page on which I would put out links to my articles, as well as what articles I’m currently writing. This is after trying Instagram, which proved to be an inaccessible mess. And people still recommend Instagram to me still to this day. But it is not their fault. Most of the humanity is ignorant of how a disabled person uses technology. The thought never crosses their mind, and I repeat, it is not their fault.

But then…

I got my links got marked as spam.

I had just written the review of Hand Made Mage, (Which you can read,


That suddenly, I received the message about how links to my blog are being marked as spam. I couldn’t believe it. words like “Protection” and “Safety” were feeling like slaps on my face, especially since I knew what kind of filth people usually wrote on Facebook, (Or any other social media platform really!) whereas my blog does not contain any of that still to this day.

And yet, in the name of the safety, my links were marked as spam. After getting over the annoyance, I spent the entire day reading about this situation, and what could I do. So I learned of this Facebook debugger, where you can analyze your link. The debugger, predictably, complained about my link once more telling me that my site has harmful content.

But there was this option of requesting where you can ask for the removal of your link from the spam filters. Naturally, I requested, as nicely as possible, (Though I didn’t say dear sir or madam.)

In a perfect world, the story would end happily, as my problem is resolved. Alas, we don’t live in a perfect world.

In response, they deactivated my account.

I don’t know in what world this response is considered reasonable. But there it was, my account got deactivated.

Naturally, I tried to appeal that, and I ran headfirst into the wall of inaccessibility. Basically, when I log on to my account, my screen reader says one thing, and one thing only.

And that is, “Blank, blank, blank, blank…”

No button, no link, nothing. So, I tried with sighted help, asking my sister to see whether there is anything on the page. She told me aside from the warning about my links there are only two options. Switch the language, or download the data. No request a review button, no appeal this decision link, nothing.

So, there it is folks, I tried everything I could to appeal that my account be not deactivated, my link be removed from the spam because I don’t have any offensive content here. But to no avail.

Besides, don’t you guys think how pathetic is that Facebook (Sorry Meta,) which is the heavyweight of the tech world, can’t even implement accessibility properly? I mean people give a lot of flak to windows and Microsoft. But their accessibility is not that bad. (Let’s just hope I won’t write a sequel of this article in the future, with windows and Microsoft as the subject.)

But what else can you expect from a company which stopped funding for an interface which allowed a user to communicate after suffering from severe

Speech loss because apparently it wouldn’t make them enough money to justify the costs?

All I’m saying is that it takes more than just a name changes to get rid of your bad reputation. It might be Meta now, but it is run by the same people, and I don’t expect anything to change. (Read: small flies like me get screwed, popular ones get everything ignored, no matter how many wrong things they say, or how many people they scam. Just look at the influencers.)

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Published by Tanish Shrivastava

I'm a guy who likes programming, chess, and writing.

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