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My Top 10 Favorite Songs From Queen


So, everyone seems to like top-10 articles, so I decided to write my own. “I’m so proud, Tanish is already has learned so much of the ways of the internet, children grow up so fast these days.”

Wait, I’m Tanish, I’m just praising myself… that was awkward… ahem.

So, let’s talk about how exactly I learned of Queen. I mostly avoid popular things, because of reasons. but the responsibility of introducing me to Queen can be laid to TeamFourStar’s feet, as Gohan in the episode of 18 sang Don’t Stop Me Now while carrying a Dragon Ball, while Vegeta did the same. (You can watch that episode,


Anyway, soon, I decided that I would like to hear more songs of this band, while doing everything in my power to avoid We Will Rock You… again, for reasons.

With that out of the way, here’s my list of top 10 favorite Queen’s songs. This is my personal list, and you might have some other songs which might be your favorite. Feel free to share those in the comments.

(Yes, I’m emulating Jirard Khalil.)

Number 10, I’m Going Slightly Mad.

Considering I often play this in my head when I’m trying to keep a lid on my anger, I must include this song here. The reason why it is not any higher on the list is because there are other, more deserving songs than this one.

Listen to it here.

Number 9, Bicycle Race.

The only reason why I include this song here is because it is just so amusing to hear. The youtube comments on the official video of this song are also hilarious.

Listen to it here.

Number 8, Scandal.

Not only this is a good song, but given the behavior of the paparazzi, this song is relevant today, as it was in 1989.

Also, according to some people, Queen wrote this song as a retaliation against the reporters who just kept bothering the band members regarding Freddie and his health. Never mind that there is a thing called personal time. I suppose in some people’s mind, if you’re popular, you don’t have any right to personal time.

Listen to it here.

Number 7, Another One Bites the Dust.

Again, this song is included for the amusement purposes. If I ever killed someone in a dual, I’ll most certainly sing this song.

(That is never happening. I would be the one to die I know, but let me imagine!)

Listen to it here.

Number 6, Radio Ga Ga.

I never thought that someone would be able to write a song about an old piece of technology which they love. And yet, here it is, a song about radio, and how much it is loved.

When I listen to this song, I often get reminded that I should stop running after the new shiny thing like a magpie, and appreciate the older things sometimes.

Now, I wonder whether a programmer has written a version of this song for, say, c programming language?

Listen to it here.

Number 5, A Kind of Magic.

I was torn whether to put Radio Ga Ga here, or this one. But at the end, I settled on A Kind of Magic.

It might be cliché to read for you, but listening this song feel likes magic to me. I can’t do justice to this song with just written words alone, so why are you still here? Just go find that song and listen it. (But finish this article first!)

Listen to it here.

Number 4, I want it all.

I like this song, not only because of the music, but it represents one thing for me: the ambition.

Now, whether I achieve those ambitions is entirely different matter, because I feel I’m heading towards a failure. But I at least can enjoy this song. No failure can take that away from me.

Listen to it here.

Number 3, Spread Your Wings.

Ah, what a wonderful song about breaking away from the expectations of the society. Now, if only we would get to do that…

Do yourself a favor, and don’t listen this song anywhere near your boss or manager. They might… object to what the song is encouraging you to do.

Seriously, fuck the emerald bar.

Listen to it here.

Number 2, Bohemian Rhapsody.

I often hear this song (Or just play in my head,) when I feel depressed. Yes, it’s lyrics are just as depressing, especially the beginning and the end.

I also acknowledge that it is probably not doing me any good to listen this while being depressed.

I would also like to note down here that I agree with those people who think that this is actually three songs rolled into one.

Here are the ending lyrics:

“Nothing really matters, anyone can see.

Nothing really matters, nothing really matters, to me.”

Listen to it here.

Number, 1! Don’t Stop Me Now.

As I’ve stated in the introduction of this article already, this song, sang by Gohan and Vegeta is the reason why I searched for Queen in the first place. It is also said to be the most cheerful song by the neuroscientists, but I shall leave that research to you. (How great I am, fostering the habit of independent research in my readers, they would surely thank me for it.)

The lyrics sound clear, so you can sing along if you want to. Though to be honest, most queen songs are like that. the lyrics always sound clear.

But despite the cheerful mood of this song, at the end, it leaves me with a melancholic mood.

Listen to it here.

So, these are my top 10 favorite Queen songs. I hope you enjoyed reading that. please consider following me on twitter:

My twitter.

Also, feel free to create your own top 10 list of Queen’s songs in the comment section. Please consider following this blog if you like what you’ve just read, thank you.

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