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What Does It Mean to be Passionate?

So, this is a nonsensical topic, when I think about it. and yet, I can’t help but think.

What, exactly, is passion?

You see people using it while describing their interest, you see it on the job posts, but what exactly do they refer to when they talk about passion?

This question haunted me at one sleepless night, (A lot of things haunt me during my bout of sleeplessness, as I suffer that fairly regularly,) and caused me to think about it deeply.

“But why exactly would you think about something like this deeply?” you might ask. The answer is, the overwhelming use of the word.

I thought of what kind of image the word “Passion” conjures up in my mind. And I was surprised to find that most of them were related with fire, or burning things.

Could this be my answer? Could passion mean fire? But when I spoke this out loud to myself, it sounded strange to my own ears. And yet, the idea still persisted in my head.

But then, I realized that I wasn’t wrong. Sure, it might sound strange. But to me, it made sense that “Passion” means fire. Think about it. if you’re among friends, and you talk about some movie which you like, and yet your friends tell you that you didn’t like, you’ll still try to defend that movie, because you feel touched by the fire of that movie’s story, and thus, you feel passionate about it.

This is exactly why people argue about things they like, whether they be programming languages, games, shows, books, or any other thing which you can think of.

But is arguing the only sign of passion?

I feel not. When someone feels passionate about their personal business, you’ll see how they won’t even think about pulling overnighter. After all, it is their business, if it succeeds, it means their own success. And that is why you can find people working on their personal business or project with a different energy, compared to when they work for someone else.

This is why pro-wrestlers destroy themselves in the ring in a bid to entertain masses, this is why MMA fighters fight despite their brutal training, because they love to fight, and this fire, this passion about fighting burns deep inside them. This is why a writer hammers at his keyboard in the middle of the night, even though his body demands sleep. (I know, it used to be pen. But most writers type these days.)

And this is why Japanese Mangakas still continue to write and draw, despite their brutal work schedule.

So, did that explain my question? Yes, it did.

Passion means to burn for something, either something which you like, or believe in.

I would end this rather nonsensical article by stating that be careful for what you decide to burn for. The stars have millions of years, but we, the humans do not have that long. So be careful not to burn for something which won’t give you satisfaction.

How strange, this is my first article without heading level 2. And I don’t think it needs it either. Also, I should stop writing when I’m sleep deprived, because then drivel like this comes out, and then you guys have to put up with it.

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Published by Tanish Shrivastava

I'm a guy who likes programming, chess, and writing.

4 thoughts on “What Does It Mean to be Passionate?

  1. Your thoughts aren’t rambles at all. You’re on the right track with your understanding of the word passion as a sort of burning. The word passion comes from the Latin “passio” which means suffering. Have you ever heard the phrase “The passion of Christ”? It refers to his crucifixion. The word “compassion” comes from the Latin words to suffer WITH. So passion isn’t just a strong liking for golf but a real burning for something with a purpose. Your sleeplessness was not for nothing 🙂.

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