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Anime Review: Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun!


Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun! Is a fantasy slice of life manga, written by Osamu Nishi. it was first published on March 2, 2017.

It tells the story of a human teenaged boy getting adapted by a demon as his grandson, and being admitted in a demon school.

It received an animated adaptation in 2019, which ran for 23 episodes. The second season of the anime was announced in 2021, which began to air on April, and ended on September, for total 21 episodes.


Iruma is a 14 years old boy, living with his garbage parents. (They are called that by narrator of the series as well,) his parents sold him to a demon named Sullivan. Initially appearing to be a frightening demon of classic variety, Sullivan reveals himself to be a highly eccentric person, who wanted to adapt Iruma as his grandson.

Iruma considers refusing at first, but when Sullivan pushes one of his buttons by saying the word “Please,” Iruma agrees, since he’s a pushover.

Then, Sullivan enters him into the demon school called Babyls, where Iruma tries to keep a low profile to make sure that no one finds out that he is a human, not a demon. Thus begins his highly chaotic life in the demon world.

My watching experiences:

First, few words about opening and ending. I really don’t like the opening, and that is all I have to say about it. the ending though? Yeah, I’m gonna remember that one for a long while. The music of the ending suits the general atmosphere of this series.

Now, let’s talk about the series. Honestly, despite being a demon centric story, where the human is basically living among them, and their songs about how humans taste so delicious, most of the demons do behave like normal teenagers, who happen to have magical powers.

It all starts like a Xianxia story, where a week character rises in the strength and ranks by exploiting loopholes and abusing basic techniques. But the whole series doesn’t have that kind of feel at all.

The season one starts nicely, with Iruma causing chaos unintentionally by reading a demon spell given to him by Sullivan. The chaos continues as he summoned his surly teacher as his familiar, since only humans can summon the demons as familiars. This gives him a terrifying reputation in the school, which proves to be a challenge for Iruma, since he wants to keep a low profile. But let’s be honest with ourselves here for a moment, it is pretty much impossible since he is the main character.

Despite demons having songs about humans, (More on that later,) apparently humans are considered to be a myth by demons. It was rather amusing for me, since they were using same tones as when we speculate about the Alian life in the space. (If you’re an Alian reading this, hello.)

As for the song about which I keep raving on? It is the assembly song of the school, describing how scary the demons are, how humans are tasty, and how everyone is going to hell, etc. etc. I really enjoyed listening to that song, especially when Iruma himself started to sing it, only to realize that he is a human among demons, and they’ll surely eat him if they ever find out.

Strangely enough though, few demons do find out that he is a human. But they don’t try to eat him at all.

Everything is not fun and games though. During the latter part of the season, a student basically orchestrates a terrorist attack on the school. When Iruma confronts him, Kirio just reveals how he likes to see people in despair, which is Yuki Terumi all over again. Someone call Ragna already! (If you don’t get the references, check out the Blaz Blue series.)

Thankfully, the season ends on a lighter note, where Iruma ends up helping out the demon idol. However, in the stinger of the last episode, we see a terrifying personality change…

The second season begins nicely enough, with Iruma having adapted to the demon world enough that he even sings the anthem song of the school about how demons want to eat humans. (Which I will certainly play once I learn piano.)

However, he enters in his evil cycle, and that is clearly the most anticipated part of this season. The evil cycle is when the demons act like traditional demons, acting evil and stuff. Every demon goes through it, which puts me in mind of teenage years for the humans. (But Iruma is a human! How exactly did he enter his evil cycle? I’ll leave for you to find out for yourself.)

In his evil cycle, he embarks on a campaign to move his misfit class to the classroom of the demon king, which he used to attend school back in the day. To be honest, observing him like that was terrifying, and awesome as well.

The season ends with Kirio and his friends hatching another scheme, which gets foiled by Iruma without even realizing that Kirio was behind it. after that, the next term begins, and we’re promised the new season.


Though the time of Halloween is long past, I spent the entire month of October enjoying this series.

Honestly, I like the general atmosphere of this show. Just around 4 in the afternoon, watch this show during the summer time… never mind that I’m past my school, and how bitter I am regarding my school time… ahem.

Getting back to the review, I kind of needed something this lighthearted. When you spend most of your days depressed, having an hour or so of laughter can do wonders.

Also, the English dub. My props to Laura Stahl for portraying Iruma. She did a wonderful job, and I will be very displeased if they decided to replace her for the third season.

Also, Kyle Hebert voices Sullivan. I think it would have been great as he narrated Iruma’s life as a doating grandfather, in the style of Dragon Ball Z.

Speaking of narration, there is one who pops up a lot in the episode. Which to be honest, I don’t mind. Having a narrator will not work with every show admittedly, but this one doesn’t suffer for having one.

Now, I do have one complain. In the season 1, they translated the songs. From school’s anthem, to a demon idol’s concert. And I feel they did a great job of it. but in the second season, they stopped translating the songs, probably dew to the cost cutting. Which is a shame because as I’ve stated, they did a great job of it.

If you’re in a need for a laugh, and also want a show which is not built on some cheap props to make you laugh, and has a real depth to it, then go watch this show.

However, if you’re going through your teenage brooding faze, then avoid this. Go watch something like

This one instead.

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