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Anime which I enjoyed in 2021.

These are the anime I enjoyed this year.

As I covered in my highlights to 2021, there was a time when I stopped watching anything for entertainment, including anime. All in the name of work and studies.

Thankfully, as this article is the proof, it is not like this any longer. Without further ado, here are my anime shows which I enjoyed this year. Some of them I reviewed, some of them I did not. They are here all the same.

Assassination Classroom (Review here): Never I thought that I would miss a fictional octopus teacher. Seriously, this anime is enough to inspire for you to become a teacher, as long as you’re watching it.

Then, the harsh reality comes crashing down. Still, if you decided to become a teacher because of this, then I can only think that your students are very lucky.

Unless you took inspiration from Asano. In which case, run children, run as far as you can. Don’t let my sacrifice be in vain!

Ahem. Let’s move on to the next one.

Elfen Lied (Review here): Oh god, why?

Is what I think whenever I think of this series. It is sad. It is depressing. And how can one town have so much rain and no floods?

Oh, maybe it is not in India. Probably that’s why. whatever the case, I’ll always remember the haunting opening. (It is called Lilium, if you want to search it.)

Full Metal Panic Fumoffu? (Review here): while this is just a spinoff, containing only the side stories of the light novel, to me, Fumoffu is the story which I wish was the main story, as oppose to the real thing.

Kill La Kill (Review here): First, no. I don’t feel any guilt for watching such a fan-service heavy show. Second, what a crazy plot. Third, my cousin likes to call this show a ghost clothes or something like that.

But let me tell you. the soundtrack is killer. It has to be the most enjoying part of this show, right next to the fights.

Just… just ignore the fan-service.

Naoki Urasawa’s Monster (Review here): Ah, what a wonderful manga. And an equally wonderful anime adaptation! It has everything. A gripping and emotional story which makes you question the morality of the world, a sociopath, great soundtrack, and side characters so developed that they could potentially have the story of their own.

I’ll remember this anime for a long time to come.

My Hero Academia, Season 1 (Review here): While I’ve only watched the season 1, it has left me with a strong impression. I specially identified with Izuku, since when you lack something, society truly treats you like a dirt. Including the phrases like “You should just die.”

I can’t wait to start the season 2.

One-Punch Man (Review here): I watched this after Elfen Lied. And let me tell you, I needed something happy and more comedic like this one.

Not like it remained comedic for too long. But given the general plot of the show, it gives other characters enough moments to shine, including the villains. Needless to say, I did not regret a single episode of this show. I can only hope that the third season would arrive in the next two years.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Review here): apart from the title which is kind of mouthful to say, (I just shorten it to As a Slime when talking to my cousin,) this anime has to be the best reincarnate into other world type of plot. It also helps that the Diablo… you know what? Never mind. Just read my review, and watch the show for yourself.

Shoutout to Brittney Karbowski for doing an excellent English voice of Rimuru.

Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun (Review Here): again, apart from the title, (Which I shorten to Demon School when talking about it,) I really like this. I already have such warm memories of this one, if I would have watched it during my childhood, four in the afternoon, I would have its warm memories all the same.

That, and it is amusing to see the torment of Kalego. The TV tropes puts it promptly. “The universe hates him, and he hates it back in return.”

The best part is that the third season is already in production. It was announced as soon as the second season ended. Which is a good thing, I would have happily led the fans in doing something unpleasant otherwise… ahem. What are you talking about? I’m a perfectly law-abiding citizen. Nothing to see here, move on already!

I do hope 2022 will give me more memories to cherish, whether they be about books or anime, or even tv shows.

Also, remember how I talked about internal linking in my highlights of 2021? This was exactly what I was talking about. A nice recap with books and shows linked within the article.

“Who are you telling all of this? It’s not like anyone reads your blog.”

I… I’ll just go to sleep.

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