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Anime Review: My Hero Academia Season 2


My Hero Academia is a manga series by the author Kōhei Horikoshi. The super hero manga received the anime adaptation in 2016. The anime had its second season in 2017, adopting the volumes 3 to 8, and tells further story of the Izuku Midoriya.

If you want to read the review of the first season, go here.


Recovering from the events of the previous season, the school for the super heroes organizes a sports festival, in which the students must participate in various challenges, and face each other in the single combat at the end. This takes the first half of the season.

In the second half, there is a villain called Stain on the rise, known as the hero killer. Despite being a villain, he actually manages to amass a huge fan following, due to his willingness to fight for what he believes in, going viral on the internet in the process.

My reading experiences:

Honestly, I can’t help but remember Naruto while watching this season. You’ve got the sports festival with three stages, at the end of which the students face each other in the single combat, just like the Chunin exams.

Then, the students go on an internship, which again, kind of reminded me of Naruto. the fact that villains keep making threats in the background didn’t help any.

During their internship, Izuku and his friends end up coming across Stain, and barely survive, but managed to capture him in the process. It could have resulted in legal trouble, but since they agreed to relinquish the credit, that didn’t happen.

The season concludes with another exam, during which the students must face the teachers for the practical portion.

Let’s talk about the opening. The season used two openings in total, and same number of endings as well. while the first opening and ending were kind of forgettable, the second pair is not.

Mostly because I keep confusing the ending with the opening. So that was weird.


Honestly, this season was great in my opinion. Having established a great introduction in the first season, and giving us the picture of how things are, this season could go beyond just introducing stuff, and it did that wonderfully.

Not that there isn’t some new stuff to learn, particularly when it comes to Izuku’s Quirk.

As for my Naruto comparisons? I don’t think it is that bad. Besides, the manga has a long tradition of taking inspiration from the hit ones which came before them. Dragon Ball inspired the likes of Naruto and Bleach, and they in turn, inspired the authors of the current mangas. So, I don’t think it is bad, as long as you can put your twist on it, instead of copy-pasting the plot.

One more thing to note is that the classmates of Izuku get some screen time, and moments to shine. While the first season certainly has those moments as well, this season did it better.

Still, it is not enough to make me remember their names.

As for the character development, I think Bakugo needs it badly. But I believe I should let it rest. I could write a whole blog post when it comes to him.

I wonder what the season 3 has in hold for me?

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