Book Review: Wintersteel, Cradle Series Book 8


Wintersteel is the eighth book in the Cradle series, written by Will Wight. The book was published in the year 2020. It tells the story of the uncrowned tournament, as well as other maneuvers by the big powers of the world.

You can read the review of the previous book here.


In the last book, a messenger from the Abidan descended in the middle of the tournament, and declared that the winner of the tournament would get a weapon so powerful, that it could kill a monarch, the most powerful sacred artists in the world.

Naturally, none of the monarchs wanted any such weapon in the hands of the champion of another faction. So, in this book, they just tried to make sure that they were the ones who would win this tournament, and through their champion, they would have control over this weapon.

My reading experiences:

Let’s talk about the Abidan messenger first. He basically bullied all the monarchs, and threatened them to ascend beyond this world. But I suspect they wouldn’t want to. Mostly because they’ve gotten used to their powers here. Whereas when they would ascend, they might have to start at the bottom of the ladder. After all, why struggle in heaven when you can rule the earth?

Northstrider, one of the monarchs, remarked that he would ascend; but not because some dog of the heavens told him to.

One of the monarchs managed to buy the match for Eithan. So not only did he squeeze him for everything he could, but Eithan lost in the most dramatic way possible, leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind that he had been bought.

The format of the tournament has to be changed, because the Abidan messenger has no patience. It now resembles the UFC, with three rounds of battle, and the final battle being five rounds long. Will should have added some great commentary. Such a shame he missed that chance.


This book is the longest in the series so far. Why wouldn’t it be? It concluded an arc, and laid seeds for the next one.

Apparently, the romance between Lindon and Yarin also takes another step in this book. I usually have a lot of complains regarding romance. But in this case, I’ll reserve my judgement. Though neither of them appeared to be the type of constantly kissing and cuddling types.

The next book appears to be where Lindon would visit the Sacred Valley. That should be interesting, so I’ll move on to that one now. As for this book? Well, I’ll repeat: if you’ve gotten so far in the series, there is no reason to skip this one.

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