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Voice Cast for Potential Cradle Anime Series

Casting the voice actors for the Cradle animated series.

As you know, I caught up with the Cradle Series last week, having reviewed all ten books which are out right now. I was thinking about this for a while now, where I would cast voices for an animated series, adapted from the book. The voice actors and actresses I am going to use for this article usually work in English dubbing, because I am most familiar with them.

Also, just in case it is not clear, there’s no plans for Cradle animated series. And even if there were any plans, you would hear the announcement from Will Wight, instead of this unknown blog. So, please don’t confuse this with the real deal. This is just a fun exercise. Once again, no, there are no plans for an animated adaptation of Cradle Series!

Though if it does come out, I will definitely watch it.

Clear? Glad. Now, let’s move on too…

The voice cast:

Now, let’s make one thing clear. I won’t make suggestions for every single voice, because the list of characters is long. So, I will only talk about the characters who appear more often.

Let’s start with the monarchs first.

I think that the best voice for Northstrider would be David Vincent. His voice naturally lends itself to a personality like Northstrider’s. You can check out his work as Hakuman from Blaz Blue as an example.

The best voice for the Malis would be Kate Higgins. She already has proven herself as a dangerous woman in BlazBlue, in the role of imperator Izinami.

Moving on, let’s talk about Suriel. Given what we have seen of her personality, I think Julie Ann Taylor would be a great voice for her. I don’t have an alternative for Suriel’s voice, if Julie is not able to do it for some reason.

Let’s move on to the main cast. I think Orthos the fiery turtle deserves to be voiced by Jamieson Price. Though Chris Rager could be a great alternative.

Yarin is a combative girl, and Erika Mendez has already played Ryoko in Kill La Kill. I think she would be a perfect fit for Yarin.

For Eithan, I think Sonny Strait would be the best voice, given how Koro-Sensei and Eithan have the same personality. If Sunny is not able to voice him for some reason, I think Kaiji Tang would be a great alternative, given how Osamu behaves like a suicidal version of Eithan.

Despite being the main character, I had a lot of trouble selecting who could be the voice for Lindon. But if I do have to choose, I think I will go with Micah Solusod. If not him, then Daman Mills. Both of them are capable of voicing a heavy-voiced, tall character, who is overly formal and polite.

I have no idea who to choose for Jai Long, or Kelsa, sister of Lindon.

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