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My Hero Academia Season 4 Review


The fourth season of My Hero Academia, an animated adaptation of a manga by the same name was produced by Bones, and directed by Kenji Nagasaki. The season adapts the story of the manga from 14th volume to 21st volume. The season was premiered on October 12, 2019. The season runs for 25 episodes.


After All Might retired, and All For One is imprisoned, it left a power vacuum on the both hero and villain side. While Izuku tries himself to prove to be the successor of All Might, the villains try to fill that vacuum in the villainous way, by undermining the successor of All for One.

My review:

Proving yourself is the theme of this chapter. Izuku has a hard task of convincing older heroes that he can be a great successor to All Might, while Tomura struggles to hold on to the control of the villain side. He’s sidelined for most of the season, only showing up here and there.

It is unfortunate that All Might often does not share all info with his successor. It often makes me feel like he himself does not trust Izuku with the responsibility he has passed on to him. Luckily, that does not happen very often.

The arc with Overhaul and Eri dominates the season. and I don’t know whether I’m too jaded, or the entire arc is like that. I just failed emotionally caring about Eri, and personally felt it ran for too long. I would have preferred to see how does Tomura takes control of the League of Villains instead of this arc with Overhaul, which I can’t help but repeat, ran for too long!

Also, when that entire ark with Eri started, something came over me, and thoughts like, “Oh look. Another girl for the sympathy.” Seriously. What the hell is going on with me? am I becoming a monster slowly?

The season started out great. With Izuku’s struggles of filling All Might’s shoes getting the highlight. I thought Tomura would actively go against him, since he is the successor to All For One. But nothing of the sort happened. And thus, that entire season ended as a disappointment for me personally.

Of course, that entire crap with Gentle was just adding salt to the wound.

Let’s hope season 5 would be better than this. Follow me on twitter:
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