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Season Five of My Hero Academia is Little Bit Better


The fifth season of My Hero Academia began airing in 2021. It ran for a total of 25 episodes. The season was produced by Bones, and directed by Kenji Nagasaki. The season adapts 21st to 26th volume of the manga. You can check out my review of the previous season here.


Izuku is seeing the previous users of One For All in his dreams. His quirk is also behaving strangely, going out of control when he gets angry. Meanwhile, class A is fighting with class B in a joint training match.

Meanwhile, a hero goes among the villains undercover…

My review:

First, we get exposed to more of the lore surrounding One For All, which is cool. Granted, we don’t learn everything, but the fact that the first ever user was a brother of All For One is a pretty big reveal.

… oops, I wasn’t supposed to reveal that here. Oh well, I get to expand my word count, so it’s fine, I think.

Anyway, Hawk goes to the villain side, where he hopes to take them down from inside. Which is unfortunate, because the poor guy doesn’t get much screen time. Instead, that training battle takes almost half of the season. I’m not pleased with that. What can you do if the manga itself uses filler?

Thankfully, we do get to see what’s going on at the villain side, and Tomura finally does something, after remaining inactive since the last season, and for the most part of this season. We also learn about his background, which is also good for expanding his character. After all, it is important to know why someone is a villain. Unless they’re sociopaths. In which case, they don’t need any explanations.

Unlike the last season where I complained about how Tomura is inactive, and how we are not shown what is he doing last season, he fulfills that role in this season. He takes the control of the villain side. There’s even an episode called “My Villain Academia”.

Endeavor gets a lot of character development. Which is fitting. Once you get on top, you can’t just remain the same. His family may never forgive him, but at least he’s trying. That was touching, and I mean it when I say it.

Overall, I think this season is better than the previous season. But I’m not sure how long it’ll keep up like this. The manga is rumored to end in 2022, which is again, a good thing. It should go out on top, instead of overstaying its welcome. The sixth season will come out in late 2022. When it does, I will be here to review it.

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