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Anime Review: My Hero Academia

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My Hero Academia is a super hero manga by the author Kōhei Horikoshi. It is in publication since July 7 2014. The manga series has total 35 volumes at the time of writing. The manga received an animated adaptation by Studio Bones in 2016, and it is running ever since. The anime gets a new season every year.


Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, is a boy who doesn’t have any Quirk, which grants special powers to those who have it. 80 percent of the world’s population have it, but Izuku is among the unlucky 20 percent.

However, when All Might, the symbol of peace, gives him his Quirk, which can be inherited, it changes his life, and lets him become a hero.

My review:

I was recommended this anime from the internet, from my cousin, and pretty much everywhere where anime fans are heavily involved. I avoided it, because of one traumatic experience of following the popular recommendation, so needless to say, I was very curious to see whether it can live up to the hype given to this series by everyone.

The first season starts out well, and Personally I found the issues of Izuku very relatable, as having no Quirk is very much considered a disability. The condescending sympathy of the society, the bullying by the children, it kind of hit too close to comfort for me.

Consider this: Izuku, by any other standard, is a normal teenager. He has no sensory disability like I do, his limbs are also fine. And just because he doesn’t have a Quirk, (which does not guarantee of a useful ability,) he is shunned by the society.

Given that the world is filled with the super powered humans, I was expecting it to be dark, like really, really dark. But at least this season doesn’t give me that vibe. That, or my sense of dark and violent is twisted after years of following Dragon Ball and Naruto.

Season 2 reminds me so much of Naruto. You’ve got the sports festival with three stages, at the end of which the students face each other in the single combat, just like the Chunin exams. Then, the students go on an internship, which again, kind of reminded me of Naruto. the fact that villains keep making threats in the background didn’t help any.

During their internship, Izuku and his friends end up coming across Stain, and barely survive, but managed to capture him in the process. It could have resulted in legal trouble, but since they agreed to relinquish the credit, that didn’t happen. The season concludes with another exam, during which the students must face the teachers for the practical portion. Let’s talk about the opening. The season used two openings in total, and same number of endings as well. while the first opening and ending were kind of forgettable, the second pair is not. Mostly because I keep confusing the ending with the opening. So that was weird.

The first episode of season 3 starts out by giving a reminder of the previous season, and the abilities and the names of Izuku’s classmates. Given how I tend to forget these things, that info is appreciated, especially since they don’t repeat that often. (Admittedly, I did forget all of that by the second episode, but I would have a terrible problem if they repeated it once more.)

The opening scene of the second episode is chilling to say the least, as the villains plan to attack the summer camp, all of which is enhanced by the soundtrack in the background. It tells you very clearly that the villains won’t be dealt with easily this season.

Bakugo is kidnapped by the villains this season, and everyone goes all emotional to rescue him. I totally get what they’re trying to say, but given how Bakugo has behaved ever since the start of the show, it is hard to feel any sympathy for him. He just behaves like a badly written Vegeta or Sasuke.

There’s an awesome fight in which All Might managed to defeat All For One, but losing any chance of continuing as a hero in the future. After which, Izuku’s mom refused to let him continue at U.A high, which wouldn’t last long as that entire issue is resolved at the end of the episode.

And I started to look around in paranoia, because whenever I predict something correctly, something bad happens to me. (Or maybe, this entire show is getting way to predictable.)

I must admit that I find villains more interesting than heroes, and Izuku’s classmates more interesting than Izuku, despite him being a main character. Perhaps I’m way too jaded, but that is how I feel.

The fact that I keep feeling Naruto vibes doesn’t help any.

I’ll do say though, that we do get to see the strategic side of Izuku in this season. Though we did get glimpses, this season does a better job of showing that side. And I believe he’s going to need everything he has to face against All For One.

Proving yourself is the theme of the season 4. Izuku has a hard task of convincing older heroes that he can be a great successor to All Might, while Tomura struggles to hold on to the control of the villain side. He’s sidelined for most of the season, only showing up here and there.

It is unfortunate that All Might often does not share all info with his successor. It often makes me feel like he himself does not trust Izuku with the responsibility he has passed on to him. Luckily, that does not happen very often.

The arc with Overhaul and Eri dominates the season. and I don’t know whether I’m too jaded, or the entire arc is like that. I just failed emotionally caring about Eri, and personally felt it ran for too long. I would have preferred to see how does Tomura takes control of the League of Villains instead of this arc with Overhaul, which I can’t help but repeat, ran for too long!

Also, when that entire ark with Eri started, something came over me, and thoughts like, “Oh look. Another girl for the sympathy.” Seriously. What the hell is going on with me? am I becoming a monster slowly?

The season started out great. With Izuku’s struggles of filling All Might’s shoes getting the highlight. I thought Tomura would actively go against him, since he is the successor to All For One. But nothing of the sort happened. And thus, that entire season ended as a disappointment for me personally.

Of course, that entire crap with Gentle was just adding salt to the wound.

Season 5 reveals more of the lore surrounding One For All, which is cool. Granted, we don’t learn everything, but the fact that the first ever user was a brother of All For One is a pretty big reveal.

… oops, I wasn’t supposed to reveal that here. Oh well, I get to expand my word count, so it’s fine, I think.

Anyway, Hawk goes to the villain side, where he hopes to take them down from inside. Which is unfortunate, because the poor guy doesn’t get much screen time. Instead, that training battle takes almost half of the season. I’m not pleased with that. What can you do if the manga itself uses filler?

Thankfully, we do get to see what’s going on at the villain side, and Tomura finally does something, after remaining inactive since the last season, and for the most part of this season. We also learn about his background, which is also good for expanding his character. After all, it is important to know why someone is a villain. Unless they’re sociopaths. In which case, they don’t need any explanations.

Unlike the last season where I complained about how Tomura is inactive, and how we are not shown what is he doing last season, he fulfills that role in this season. He takes the control of the villain side. There’s even an episode called “My Villain Academia”.

Endeavor gets a lot of character development. Which is fitting. Once you get on top, you can’t just remain the same. His family may never forgive him, but at least he’s trying. That was touching, and I mean it when I say it.

Overall, I think this season is better than the previous season. But I’m not sure how long it’ll keep up like this. The manga is rumored to end in 2022, which is again, a good thing. It should go out on top, instead of overstaying its welcome. The sixth season will come out in late 2022. When it does, I will be here to review it.

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