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A Letter to Windos 7

Logo of Windows 7 from Microsoft

To an operating system which served me well.

When I began to learn how to use a computer, you were the first ever operating system I used. Windows 8 was out back then, but due to its redesign and getting too much into the hype of touchscreen, it didn’t play nicely with the screen readers. Even if I could learn to use a touch device, the productivity wouldn’t be the same.

Anyway, I learned computer through you. I spent hours to practice the typing, because keyboard is important for a blind user, as it is the only way for controlling a computer available for the person like me. then, I learned to use office, starting with 2003. How far I have come since then.

Though admittedly, it wasn’t the best-looking office version, personally I really liked how fast it opened, and how accessible and simple it was compared to the current products. Then, slowly, I stepped into the world of internet. at that time, things were simple, paywalls were rare, and the tech companies enjoyed much better reputation. I spent hours on YouTube, watching the videos of the games which I couldn’t play because of my blindness, watching completionist, dreaming that maybe I could start a show like that in the future.

needless to say, it hasn’t panned out the way I hoped.

anyway, then I discovered fanfiction, something which just gave me a new way of seeing things. For the first time, through the words, I could paint a picture of a scene in my head. Then I discovered electronic books, though it was after I replaced you. still, you played a huge role for my discovering all this new stuff, something which I never thought I would have access to.

it is true that I like video games, even though I do not get the same level of enjoyment out of them as a sighted person. But when I discovered emulators, I was happy. I get to play the games which were released more than 20 years ago, (In some cases, 30 years ago!) and through cheat codes, I enjoyed them, as much as I could. Truly that was a magical time. Nothing appeared to be out of reach for me.

even in the education, you came handy. I used to take notes on office, 2010 this time. as a result, I quickly developed my speed of typing, something which continues to serve me well to this day, and I suspect it will continue to serve me for a long time to come.

Having said that, there were some times where I cursed you until I was blue on the face. Specifically, when you just stopped taking input either through a mouse or keyboard, and a spinning circle would appear, and I couldn’t do anything other than press the power button, and take the system to a shop, to format it, only the problem to repeat 6 months later. the fact that a lot of the software slowly stopped working with you was another headache for me, which was one of the leading causes for me to get a new system.

but for however the things worked out between us, you were still my first operating system, and you will have a special place in my heart, flaws and all. And I do hope you’re doing fine, wherever you are.


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Published by Tanish Shrivastava

I'm a guy who likes programming, chess, and writing.

7 thoughts on “A Letter to Windos 7

  1. I like your tributes to technology. People probably don’t realize what a blessing these things are until they need it (and need it to function properly!). I don’t remember Windows 7. They all blend together for me. I do love Microsoft Word though and how it hasn’t changed that much.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoy these tributes. These articles haven’t performed that well though.

      I’m not gonna stop them writing them. But for now, I’ve run out of technologies to write tributes to, but I can always do that in the future.

      Also, the word 2003 was great. It opened so fast, and it was simple to use. the menu and everything was great.

      Then, they screwed the menu in 2007, and it has gone downhill since. Not only on design, but speed department.

      But I like writing on word, I most of the time don’t use online web thing like google docx.

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      1. I don’t like Google Docs myself. It’s similar to Word but doesn’t live up to it in terms of functionality, so it leaves me feeling very limited. And I think you should write what makes you happy. Sometimes I fire off a piece of crap rant and people love it and flood me with comments; other times I labor for days and days on something I’m very proud of and I receive either silence or total misinterpretation. So write what you want, publish it, and someone will find it someday.

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  2. Aww, what a slightly nostalgic post. I myself started off on DOS, and my equivalent of your Windows 7 is Windows 98. That’s the OS that I have the most memories with. Truth be told, I kinda drifted away from Windows around the Windows 7 era. Am a Mac fanboy now. In fact, I probably won’t know how to deal with a PC if I ever go back, like for gaming or something. Anyway, thanks for this post, Tanish!

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    1. Though the screen reader is generally said to be good on MAC, I’ve heard from blind devs that other things are broken on that platform, like the command line.

      I probably won’t be using MAC in the near future, but Linux is a possibility.


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