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Book Review: BlackFlame Online by A.P. Gore

Landscape of an MMO game.


BlackFlame Online is a trilogy by A.P. Gore and Patricia Jones, published from 2018 to 2019. It tells the story of Noah, who wakes up from a magical coma and loses his memories of 40 years, and decides to live in an MMO, due to his body not able to cope with this.

I’ll admit that these books are not collectively called a trilogy. But there are three books, and I got them together, and as far as I’ve checked, the author hasn’t released any new stuff in this series. So, I’m calling it a trilogy.

The trilogy consists of three books, Cursemancer, She Demon, and Town of Sumara.


Book 1:

When Noah wakes up from a magical coma, losing 40 years of his memories, he decides to join a virtual reality MMO, to heal his mind and body, and regain his memory. Instead, he finds himself hunted by demons when he ends up dropping into a cursed town of demons instead of a human town, and there is no hope of respawning in a human town.

Book 2:

Noah’s little demon is in danger. The town’s epic curse has swallowed her. Thia’s days are numbered. She has fallen to the epic curse that has killed every female demon in the empire, and there is no permanent solution. Can Noah save her in time?

Book 3:

Rihala is taken away…
A town is in need of a leader…
Xynnar is planning to attack the town…
…and Noah is flying blind. Can he save Rihala and fortify his town against Xynnarrian aggression?

My review:

First, points for uniqueness. Unlike most litRPG books, the story takes place where magic is a common place in the real life. It takes place somewhere around 2000 years later than our time. people still watch cat videos and pass their time that way.

Second, this isn’t the first litRPG book I have read, or reviewed. They all share one problem.

Too many gaming notifications all the time. not to mention, giving us every detail of their life, as if we’re watching a 24 / 7 stream in the form of text. I feel that is unnecessary, and the story can be moved on. I wouldn’t mind if the character got few levels offscreen. It would certainly be better not to read just how many experience-points he needs to level up, or how much of a skill is required to be used before it levels up.

The book also has some typos. I usually ignore these, because writing is hard. But some mistakes can’t be excused.

Overall, pick it up if you don’t have anything else to read. Otherwise, avoid.

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