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Anime Review: Black Lagoon

white and blue boat on water under blue sky during daytime


Black Lagoon is a crime thriller manga series by Rei Hiroe. It tells the story of a group called Lagoon company, pirate mercenaries who smuggle goods in the seas of southeast Asia with their PT boat called Black Lagoon.

The manga received an anime adaptation in 2006, which ran for two seasons, each season ran for 12 episodes. This was followed by a five-episodes OVA, in 2010 to 2011.


The Lagoon company is a group of mercenaries who smuggle goods in southeast Asia in their boat called Black Lagoon. This often results in violent gunfights, and battles at sea. The story takes place in early 90s.

Initially, the crew is just three members, but Rock, an ex-salaryman from Japan, who was taken as hostage is abandoned by his employer, he joins the group, using his skills of negotiator and professional face of the group.

My review:

First, let’s note down the unique points. The story does go to Japan, but it is one of those rare anime which don’t take place in Japan. Second, this anime does not hide the ugly world of underground criminal activities. So, this is perfect to show someone who thinks anime is just for the kids.

Rock has some difficulties when he actually starts with The Lagoon Company, since he is not used to this kind of life. But he adapts quickly, and even becomes a manipulator of the events later in the series.

The English dub deserves a special mention, for it is one of the few times when fans agree that the English dub is actually great. Whenever I heard Rock, I often thought of light, especially when he is thinking or scheming. And I was right to think that way, for he shares his English voice with Light.

Not with just Rock though. when I heard Garcia Lovelace, I immediately thought of Near, and again, I was right. This streak of success ended quickly much to my relief, for when I’m successful in something, some bad events usually follow. That should explain my paranoid nature somewhat.

Is it worth watching?

I think yes. Especially if you don’t want to go down the weird rabbit hole of anime, and just want some gang related story to enjoy. You can’t go wrong with this one.

The anime would have been longer, since it was very successful. But since the author is dealing with depression, he releases the manga slowly. This slows down the anime as well, but that is no reason to not watch it.

I also interviewed Ryan, a pro blogger. You can read it here.

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