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Sleep Problems in Blind People

sleeping kitten

Sleep problems among blind people, using myself as an example.

Like it or not, the old generation believes it or not, the world is going through a sleep problem currently. Whether it is because of overwork, or the side effects of technology, people are not getting enough sleep, and the balance is for the lack of a better term, is fucked.

But what about blind people? What is so special about sleep in blind people that I’m writing this article about this topic? am I so narcissistic? Is that it?

Well, no. Not the narcissistic part, we all know I write for attention. But the thing is, lack of sight affects your sleep patterns, and today you will get a glimpse of it how.

On a side note, I hear conspiracy blogs get a lot of traffic, so I’m turning this blog into one. Let’s start with our first conspiracy. Have you heard about the illuminati? People controlling world from shadows?

The body clock.

The body clock is your brain’s way to control the time to sleep, wake up, and eat, and go to sleep again. It mostly works on light, more specifically, on sunlight. When you get light at your time of sleep, your sleep pattern goes to hell, and you start to suffer. For example, put anyone who is used to day and night in Antarctica, and watch the effects. Apart from the cold, their clocks would be shocked badly because of six months of darkness and six months of sunlight. Because the sun doesn’t set at all during that time.

Incidentally, this is why you get jet lag. When you go to a different time zone, your body clock needs time to adjust, and as a result, you get jetlag. The easiest example of this would be going somewhere where it is night, while the place you’ve left was just getting its morning started.

Now, let’s move on to the next problem. But before then, have you heard about the theory of how humans are a descendance of Aliens?

No eyes, no light. No regulation of body clock.

If you remember, I specifically mentioned that the body clock needs light to function properly. That’s exactly why I did it, so I can drive this point.

No eyes? No vision? No clock regulation. And this starts a non-24-hour sleep–wake disorder. This affects up to 70 percent of totally blind people, who have zero vision, and no light perception at all. This does occur in sighted people as well, but it is very rare among them.

Some blind people get angry at this condition, saying that vision, something which they don’t even have, is leaving such a large effect on them. Some of them even refuse to accept it. their feelings aside, if you’re suffering a severe version of this problem, then it can affect you badly, and it’ll impact your professional and personal life.

What about me? Do I suffer from this problem? We’ll answer that question. but first, have you heard about the theory of lizards secretly controlling us?

I do think I have this problem.

The heading may have spoiled this, but as I’ve said, I do think I have this problem. I don’t think I had this problem until the age of five or six, but after that, it started to occur. The symptoms are as such.

  • Chaotic sleep pattern: I slept until the afternoon today! Oh look, I’m up at five A.M. today! This happens all the time with me. This usually means I will sleep in the daytime if I wake up early, because by the time I hit the afternoon, I’m in no condition to stay awake.
  • Shifting sleep pattern: my pattern shifts like this: I went to sleep at 12am today. I go to sleep at 1am the next day. And keep increasing the time of going to sleep by one hour for each day, and consequently increase the time of waking up by an hour as well.
  • The sleep pattern goes to normal for a while: that does happen, mostly during the summer season, more specifically around April and May. This also repeats around September and November, but it doesn’t last for too long, and goes out of whack once more.

Now, please understand that I’m no doctor. Even doctors don’t recommend self-diagnosis, even if you’re a doctor. But given how many people I’ve talked to, most of them blind, and most of them confirming that this is exactly how it works for them as well, I do think I’m going through this problem. I’m at least lucky enough not to suffer it severely, or need medication for this problem so far.

But make no mistake. When you wish to go to sleep, and insomnia gets you, you feel horrible.

Anyway, I do hope you liked this new conspiracy blog. Speaking of which, have you heard that Dinosaurs had advance technology than us? Follow me on Twitter for more conspiracy theories. If you like my writing, then consider buying me a coffee.


Published by Tanish Shrivastava

I'm a guy who likes programming, chess, and writing.

6 thoughts on “Sleep Problems in Blind People

  1. Man that sounds like it really sucks! I’m so sorry you have to deal with that. What kind of techniques are out there to keep a regular schedule? Do people use alarms to make sure they stay within the nighttime to sleep?


    1. Alarms, coffee, and anything else which you can think of to stay awake in the say, day time, so you can have a full sleep in the night.

      When none of these work, then the problem is serious, and you have to go to the doctors, and the medicines are nasty to say the least.

      Thanks for comment, Hetty.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Whoa, always educating me on your life with every post. I didn’t know this at all, and am now grateful for my stable sleeping schedule. The way light affects us is interesting. I’m not sure if I’ve heard this from you or from another blind blogger here on WordPress, but I’ve also learned that photophobia is a thing. Thanks for another educational post, Tanish!

    Liked by 1 person

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