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Bloganuary: What is a song or poem that speaks to you and why?

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The songs which spoke to me on a personal level:

Let’s be frank here. I hate poems. I have never liked them, and I suspect that my school days have something to do with it. But songs? I love songs. I at least try to give every song a fair chance, listening to it at least once to decide whether I hate it or like it, or I’m just neutral regarding it.

But there are a few songs which do speak to me on a personal level. And as today’s bloganuary prompt, I will share these songs with you. without further ado…

The list of the songs:

Before we begin, let me give you a warning. There are some Hindi songs here, so do keep it in mind when you decide to give these songs a listen.

  • I Want It All: a song by Queen. I like this song because it stokes the fires of ambition within me. Before you call me evil for being ambitious, remember that you wouldn’t have the life you have right now if several scientists and businessmen in the past weren’t ambitious. Besides, I do think I have to be doubly ambitious to make up for my disability, or else I might just end up giving up on my life entirely.
  • Spread Your Wings: another offering by Queen. I like this song because it tells me that it is okay to not conform to a norm, and do your own thing, no matter how much the other people may try to discourage you for it. Seriously, fuck the emerald bar.
  • Screaming Bloody Murder: a song by Sum 41, this song describes my mentality as I get older and cynical, and how I’m more and more unwilling to deal with the bullshit thrown my way, as I have gotten tired of it a long time ago.
  • Wind: it is a song by Akeboshi. He is a Japanese singer, but he sang this in English, and it shows. But despite this, I love this song, because it describes the feelings I had while growing up, and still do to this day. Of course, it also served as the opening of Naruto. What a good time it was. If I ever learned to play the violin, something which is on my to-do list, I’ll play this song for hours, I just know it.
  • Lift Karadey: the song is sang by Adnan Sami, and released in the late 90s, and stands as proof of how badly the songs of today are lacking. They are all the motion with none of the feeling. The translation of this song is “Give me a lift.” It refers to the nepotism with which every Indian has to deal in their lives, and how they are forced to kiss the asses of the people above them for the smallest of rewards. Let me tell you, every under-privileged person has this song playing in their hearts, regardless of the language and place.
  • Kabhi Nahi: another song from Adnan Sami, its best translation I could come up with is “Never ever.” It is one of those rare songs where Amitabh Bachchan also is serving as a singer. He is a very underrated singer. This song invokes the feeling of how all these problems I do not share with anyone, and all the degrees I have collected, and all the education I have received is still not enough to change social perceptions about me. it also mentions the marriage, how it is a sweet which is regretted by anyone who eats it, and yet people also regret not tasting it either.

So these were the songs which spoke to me on a personal level. I do hope you enjoyed reading this list, and hopefully, it expanded your music list as well.

By the way, my web serial has just reached its tenth chapter. You can read it here. the previous chapters are also available there, if you wish to catch up.

What songs speak to you on a personal level? Share in the comments!

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