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Bloganuary: How Are You Brave?

Let me answer the question, how exactly am I brave? ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage. This is how Google dictionary describes this adjective. The reason why I searched for it is because of today’s bloganuary prompt, which sounds more like a question than a prompt or topic to me. “HowContinue reading “Bloganuary: How Are You Brave?”

Bloganuary: What I Want to Accomplish in 2023?

What do I want to achieve this year? This is the first time I am participating in a blogging challenge, which is Word Press’s Bloganuary challenge, where you get a prompt every day for the entire month, and then you have to write on that topic. The very first topic this year is “What doContinue reading “Bloganuary: What I Want to Accomplish in 2023?”

A Year in Review: 2022

Introduction: 2022 was an interesting year for me. In many ways, it was the same as 2021, but in others, it was quite different. Various upheavals I’ve seen and observed this year, but I’m not going to write about those. Instead, I’ll just speak about the things which personally affected me, or I did myself.Continue reading “A Year in Review: 2022”

Interview with Irina, Anime Blogger

Introduction: Irina is a blogger, who writes about anime. Unlike me, however, she writes about anime only, instead of moving from topic to topic. Also, she writes and publishes a post daily, something which I admire, but do not wish to replicate. You can check out her blog here. Interview: Me: I like to startContinue reading “Interview with Irina, Anime Blogger”

Book Review: Honor Harrington Series by David Weber

Introduction: British empire, in space! Honor Harrington is a military science fiction series by David Weber, which follows commander Honor Harrington and her majesty’s light cruiser Fearless. The first book in the series was published in 1993. Besides the main series, which has fourteen books, there are spinoff book series as well, where other authorsContinue reading “Book Review: Honor Harrington Series by David Weber”

My Opinion About Bollywood Songs

What do I think of the music of India? Last week, I gave my thoughts about the movies of Bollywood, and why they do seem to be struggling. I thought, why not do the same with the music? Music is a huge part of Indian films; it is the most unique thing which separates IndianContinue reading “My Opinion About Bollywood Songs”

A Viewer’s Thoughts on the Decline of the Bollywood Films

My own thoughts on Bollywood movies. The Bollywood industry is going through a decline. You can read about some of the flopped movies of this year here. Now, you can play the three ds: deny, distract, and disrupt. But you cannot cancel reality, as much as some of us may like to do so. So,Continue reading “A Viewer’s Thoughts on the Decline of the Bollywood Films”

Interview with a Screenwriter: Yumio Katsumata

Introduction: Yumio Katsumata is a Japanese screenwriter, who immigrated to United States from Japan. I met him on Twitter, where he shares the kind of food he likes to cook, and an occasional story which he wrote. Both of us talked a lot with each other, for we both shared several common interests: video games,Continue reading “Interview with a Screenwriter: Yumio Katsumata”

Rant About Bad Reputation of Reptiles

Why one dialog from a film pissed me off. So, one day while I was channel hopping, I came across Lake Placid. I don’t know which one was it, since that series has multiple films. But in that movie, a character remarked on how crocodiles hunt, even if they’re not hungry. “They hunt, even ifContinue reading “Rant About Bad Reputation of Reptiles”

One Haunting Tale from My Childhood

Recounting a scary experience. During the March of 2007, I was living with my maternal grandparents. Our family recently shifted to another city, but my sister was still admitted to the same school. My parents didn’t want to switch schools, since the exams were just two months away. This resulted in my parents renting aContinue reading “One Haunting Tale from My Childhood”