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Woman dancing in a bollywood film

My Opinion About Bollywood Songs

What do I think of the music of India? Last week, I gave my thoughts about the movies of Bollywood, and why they do seem to be struggling. I thought, why not do the same with the music? Music is a huge part of Indian films; it is the most unique thing which separates IndianContinue reading “My Opinion About Bollywood Songs”

Chess board as a metaphor

Traits of a Leader from a Person Who never Held a Leadership Position

My thoughts regarding leadership. Leaders are always important in a group, lest everything devolve into chaos. Here, I will talk about leadership, even though I haven’t held any such position in my life. Let’s start with the traits of a leader, shall we? Traits of a leader. If you’re a leader, then be ready toContinue reading “Traits of a Leader from a Person Who never Held a Leadership Position”

Portrait of a reptilian politician

My Thoughts After Reading Conspiracy by Ryan Holiday

My thoughts after reading Conspiracy. Conspiracy: A True Story of Power, Sex, and a Billionaire’s Secret Plot to Destroy a Media Empire, alternatively titled Conspiracy: Peter Thiel, Hulk Hogan, Gawker, and the Anatomy of Intrigue is a book by Ryan Holiday, published in 2019. It details how Peter Thiel took out Gawker, and how heContinue reading “My Thoughts After Reading Conspiracy by Ryan Holiday”

Tiger in the swamp

Book Review: Dreadgods, Cradle Series book 11 by Will Wight

Introduction: Dreadgod is the eleventh book in the Cradle Series by Will Wight, released in July 2022. It takes place directly after Reaper, the tenth book, which I reviewed alongside all the other nine books here The book is about Ozriel’s trial, and Lindon’s struggle against Monarchs. Please note: for this review, I am assumingContinue reading “Book Review: Dreadgods, Cradle Series book 11 by Will Wight”


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