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My Opinion About Bollywood Songs

What do I think of the music of India? Last week, I gave my thoughts about the movies of Bollywood, and why they do seem to be struggling. I thought, why not do the same with the music? Music is a huge part of Indian films; it is the most unique thing which separates IndianContinue reading “My Opinion About Bollywood Songs”

A Viewer’s Thoughts on the Decline of the Bollywood Films

My own thoughts on Bollywood movies. The Bollywood industry is going through a decline. You can read about some of the flopped movies of this year here. Now, you can play the three ds: deny, distract, and disrupt. But you cannot cancel reality, as much as some of us may like to do so. So,Continue reading “A Viewer’s Thoughts on the Decline of the Bollywood Films”

Rant About Bad Reputation of Reptiles

Why one dialog from a film pissed me off. So, one day while I was channel hopping, I came across Lake Placid. I don’t know which one was it, since that series has multiple films. But in that movie, a character remarked on how crocodiles hunt, even if they’re not hungry. “They hunt, even ifContinue reading “Rant About Bad Reputation of Reptiles”

Traits of a Leader from a Person Who never Held a Leadership Position

My thoughts regarding leadership. Leaders are always important in a group, lest everything devolve into chaos. Here, I will talk about leadership, even though I haven’t held any such position in my life. Let’s start with the traits of a leader, shall we? Traits of a leader. If you’re a leader, then be ready toContinue reading “Traits of a Leader from a Person Who never Held a Leadership Position”

My Thoughts After Reading Conspiracy by Ryan Holiday

My thoughts after reading Conspiracy. Conspiracy: A True Story of Power, Sex, and a Billionaire’s Secret Plot to Destroy a Media Empire, alternatively titled Conspiracy: Peter Thiel, Hulk Hogan, Gawker, and the Anatomy of Intrigue is a book by Ryan Holiday, published in 2019. It details how Peter Thiel took out Gawker, and how heContinue reading “My Thoughts After Reading Conspiracy by Ryan Holiday”

My Thoughts After Reading How to Win Friends and Influence People

Can you really win and influence people? So, there are books which everyone claims to read, but has never read. Some people go as far as putting these books on their shelves, to make people think how wise they are for studying these books. Well, I don’t have a shelf (perks of electronic books) butContinue reading “My Thoughts After Reading How to Win Friends and Influence People”

Sleep Problems in Blind People

Sleep problems among blind people, using myself as an example. Like it or not, the old generation believes it or not, the world is going through a sleep problem currently. Whether it is because of overwork, or the side effects of technology, people are not getting enough sleep, and the balance is for the lackContinue reading “Sleep Problems in Blind People”

My Thoughts After Reading I To Had a Dream: the Biography of Verghese Kurien

My thoughts after reading I to had a Dream. Kurien is known as the “Father of the White Revolution” in India. If you want to know why is that, you can read about it here. I was rather hesitant in writing this article. Not only I did not take any notes while reading his biography,Continue reading “My Thoughts After Reading I To Had a Dream: the Biography of Verghese Kurien”

My Thoughts After Reading Debt: First 5000 Years by David Graeber

What I learned from David Graeber’s Debt: The First 5000 Years. There are books, and then there are books. There are books which everyone seems to enjoy reading. And then there are books which people claim to have read. I kind of get the feeling that Debt is one such book. It often gets recommendedContinue reading “My Thoughts After Reading Debt: First 5000 Years by David Graeber”