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An Essay on Sports in India

An essay on the sports which I never got to write. Malika Handa is a professional chess player, who is the first Indian woman to win a gold medal in the International Deaf Chess Championship. When she won the gold medal in 2016, she was offered a government job and some monetary reward after sheContinue reading “An Essay on Sports in India”

The Real Essay on Water conservation.

This essay on the water conservation you can never write in the school. Tanish is a student in the 12th standard, the final year of his school. Currently, he is giving the exam of the English subject, and much like for the past four years, he has the same topics in front of him. OneContinue reading “The Real Essay on Water conservation.”

Bloganuary: How Do You Define Success?

What does success mean to me? “How do you define success?” asked today’s bloganuary prompt. I have to think about it for a while to answer this. For a lot of people, answering a question like this one is easy. Money, popularity, big houses, all these are success to them. But I’m not a sheep.Continue reading “Bloganuary: How Do You Define Success?”

Bloganuary: What Brings You Joy in Life?

What brings me joy? Ah, the word joy. It invokes two kinds of reactions in people. One camp prohibits it, seeing it as detrimental to self-control. Other camp see it necessary to live the life of its fullest. While I’m no hedonist, I do think I fall into the second camp. I think joy isContinue reading “Bloganuary: What Brings You Joy in Life?”

Bloganuary: The Treasure That Has Been Lost

What is a treasure that’s been lost? That is a strange prompt, if you ask me. it feels more like a puzzle or a riddle; something with which you might struggle for your entire life, and still not find the answer. Still, even as the winter freezes my fingers, and my recovering mind struggles toContinue reading “Bloganuary: The Treasure That Has Been Lost”

Bloganuary: How Are You Brave?

Let me answer the question, how exactly am I brave? ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage. This is how Google dictionary describes this adjective. The reason why I searched for it is because of today’s bloganuary prompt, which sounds more like a question than a prompt or topic to me. “HowContinue reading “Bloganuary: How Are You Brave?”

My Opinion About Bollywood Songs

What do I think of the music of India? Last week, I gave my thoughts about the movies of Bollywood, and why they do seem to be struggling. I thought, why not do the same with the music? Music is a huge part of Indian films; it is the most unique thing which separates IndianContinue reading “My Opinion About Bollywood Songs”

A Viewer’s Thoughts on the Decline of the Bollywood Films

My own thoughts on Bollywood movies. The Bollywood industry is going through a decline. You can read about some of the flopped movies of this year here. Now, you can play the three ds: deny, distract, and disrupt. But you cannot cancel reality, as much as some of us may like to do so. So,Continue reading “A Viewer’s Thoughts on the Decline of the Bollywood Films”

Rant About Bad Reputation of Reptiles

Why one dialog from a film pissed me off. So, one day while I was channel hopping, I came across Lake Placid. I don’t know which one was it, since that series has multiple films. But in that movie, a character remarked on how crocodiles hunt, even if they’re not hungry. “They hunt, even ifContinue reading “Rant About Bad Reputation of Reptiles”

Traits of a Leader from a Person Who never Held a Leadership Position

My thoughts regarding leadership. Leaders are always important in a group, lest everything devolve into chaos. Here, I will talk about leadership, even though I haven’t held any such position in my life. Let’s start with the traits of a leader, shall we? Traits of a leader. If you’re a leader, then be ready toContinue reading “Traits of a Leader from a Person Who never Held a Leadership Position”