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Blogger Interview: Anneliese

Introduction: Anneliese is a blogger and an author, who writes regularly on her blog named Look on the Dark Side, which you can read here. she has co-authored a book, which you can check out here. Also, she happens to be blind, just like me, marking the first time since I interview another blind personContinue reading “Blogger Interview: Anneliese”

Author Interview: Uncle Jack

Introduction: Mister Cynical is a fan fiction author, known for his stories Nothing But Trouble, Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum and its sequel The Two Princes of Hogwarts. He has been writing or reading the fan fictions for a long time, and today, I interview him. This isn’t the first time I have interviewed aContinue reading “Author Interview: Uncle Jack”

Author Interview: Sean Armstrong

Introduction: Sean Armstrong is the author of the The Green Girl and The Serum. I met him on Twitter, and he agreed for this small conversation. Without further waiting, let’s begin the interview! The interview: Me: First, I would like to welcome you to Muse of Eagle. I like to start with a simple question,Continue reading “Author Interview: Sean Armstrong”

Interview with Stuart Danker, Malaysian Author and Blogger

Introduction: I’m about the most average person you’d meet. A 39-year-old from Malaysia, who’s written for a living for almost a decade, and that’s after another decade just flitting from one job to another, trying to find his way in life. Stuart Danker is a Malaysian author and a blogger, who writes on his blogContinue reading “Interview with Stuart Danker, Malaysian Author and Blogger”