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Letter to Internet Explorer, the Discontinued Browser which was Very Accessible

My letter to a very hated, now retired web browser. Dear Internet Explorer, I heard that you’ve been finally retired. I’m writing this letter, for you are a very special part of my past, for I began to use and explore the wonderful and sometimes terrible world of internet through you. You have an impressiveContinue reading “Letter to Internet Explorer, the Discontinued Browser which was Very Accessible”

Can a Blind Man have a Favorite Color?

Should I have a favorite color despite my blindness? “Yeah, I really like the color blue.” “But why? It’s not like you can see it. Why would you even bother?” Although the question pisses me off, this person is right in asking that. I’m blind. I can’t see. Why should I bother with colors? What’sContinue reading “Can a Blind Man have a Favorite Color?”

Struggles of a Blind Man Against a Corporation

After facing abuse at his work, Dhanish is unlawfully fired by the company. When he appeals to the court, the company sent goons to his house. How will he get justice for himself as a blind person against a big corporation worth hundreds of millions of rupees?