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Bloganuary: What is a song or poem that speaks to you and why?

The songs which spoke to me on a personal level: Let’s be frank here. I hate poems. I have never liked them, and I suspect that my school days have something to do with it. But songs? I love songs. I at least try to give every song a fair chance, listening to it atContinue reading “Bloganuary: What is a song or poem that speaks to you and why?”

Bloganuary: How Do You Define Success?

What does success mean to me? “How do you define success?” asked today’s bloganuary prompt. I have to think about it for a while to answer this. For a lot of people, answering a question like this one is easy. Money, popularity, big houses, all these are success to them. But I’m not a sheep.Continue reading “Bloganuary: How Do You Define Success?”

Bloganuary: The Books Which Changed My Life

What books changed my life after reading them? It is the internet folks; it is not hard to come across many people sharing or claiming how this or that book changed their lives. A lot of them are self-help, though they can get specific if you spend most of your time in a specific circleContinue reading “Bloganuary: The Books Which Changed My Life”

Bloganuary: Why Do You Write?

Why do I write? It is not just this prompt. Many people ask me, why do I write? It is not like I’m earning fuckton of money, or I’m some insanely popular blogger. I barely get 100 readers every month, and that is the reality. Even the likes of Google don’t consider my blog toContinue reading “Bloganuary: Why Do You Write?”

Bloganuary: What Brings You Joy in Life?

What brings me joy? Ah, the word joy. It invokes two kinds of reactions in people. One camp prohibits it, seeing it as detrimental to self-control. Other camp see it necessary to live the life of its fullest. While I’m no hedonist, I do think I fall into the second camp. I think joy isContinue reading “Bloganuary: What Brings You Joy in Life?”

Bloganuary: The Treasure That Has Been Lost

What is a treasure that’s been lost? That is a strange prompt, if you ask me. it feels more like a puzzle or a riddle; something with which you might struggle for your entire life, and still not find the answer. Still, even as the winter freezes my fingers, and my recovering mind struggles toContinue reading “Bloganuary: The Treasure That Has Been Lost”

Bloganuary: What is the Earliest Memory You Have?

Here’s my earliest memory. I am one of those people who are blessed with good memories. It does not mean that I remember everything, but the things I can remember long-term are a lot, if I bother to give a damn about the topic. If I don’t care? Then I doubt even a photographic memoryContinue reading “Bloganuary: What is the Earliest Memory You Have?”

Bloganuary: How Are You Brave?

Let me answer the question, how exactly am I brave? ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage. This is how Google dictionary describes this adjective. The reason why I searched for it is because of today’s bloganuary prompt, which sounds more like a question than a prompt or topic to me. “HowContinue reading “Bloganuary: How Are You Brave?”

Bloganuary: What I Want to Accomplish in 2023?

What do I want to achieve this year? This is the first time I am participating in a blogging challenge, which is Word Press’s Bloganuary challenge, where you get a prompt every day for the entire month, and then you have to write on that topic. The very first topic this year is “What doContinue reading “Bloganuary: What I Want to Accomplish in 2023?”