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Bloganuary: The Books Which Changed My Life

What books changed my life after reading them? It is the internet folks; it is not hard to come across many people sharing or claiming how this or that book changed their lives. A lot of them are self-help, though they can get specific if you spend most of your time in a specific circleContinue reading “Bloganuary: The Books Which Changed My Life”

My Thoughts After Reading How to Win Friends and Influence People

Can you really win and influence people? So, there are books which everyone claims to read, but has never read. Some people go as far as putting these books on their shelves, to make people think how wise they are for studying these books. Well, I don’t have a shelf (perks of electronic books) butContinue reading “My Thoughts After Reading How to Win Friends and Influence People”

Book Review: Quiet by Susan Cain

Introduction: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking is a book by Susan Caine. It was published in 2012. It talks about introverts in a world which prefers the loud and daring personalities, and distills the research about the topic of extroverts and introverts into one-book. Personally, I wanted toContinue reading “Book Review: Quiet by Susan Cain”