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Bloganuary: How Do You Define Success?

What does success mean to me? “How do you define success?” asked today’s bloganuary prompt. I have to think about it for a while to answer this. For a lot of people, answering a question like this one is easy. Money, popularity, big houses, all these are success to them. But I’m not a sheep.Continue reading “Bloganuary: How Do You Define Success?”

Bloganuary: The Books Which Changed My Life

What books changed my life after reading them? It is the internet folks; it is not hard to come across many people sharing or claiming how this or that book changed their lives. A lot of them are self-help, though they can get specific if you spend most of your time in a specific circleContinue reading “Bloganuary: The Books Which Changed My Life”

Bloganuary: How Are You Brave?

Let me answer the question, how exactly am I brave? ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage. This is how Google dictionary describes this adjective. The reason why I searched for it is because of today’s bloganuary prompt, which sounds more like a question than a prompt or topic to me. “HowContinue reading “Bloganuary: How Are You Brave?”

7 Ways Using a Screen Reader Can Affect Your Life as a Blind Person

These are some strange things which can happen to you as a user of screen reader. Ever since I have learned to use a computer, a voice has been guiding me. That is naturally, the voice of a screen reader. a screen reader is a program which accesses the UI of an application, and readsContinue reading “7 Ways Using a Screen Reader Can Affect Your Life as a Blind Person”

Coming Off as Stupid as a Blind Person Sometimes

Ways I come off as stupid because of my blindness. Now, hopefully, by writing this blog, I have convinced you enough that I possess enough intellect to well, write a blog. You hopefully understand that I do have enough intelligence to live my day-to-day life by myself, except for cooking. Cooking is hard as aContinue reading “Coming Off as Stupid as a Blind Person Sometimes”