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My Thoughts After Reading How to Win Friends and Influence People

Can you really win and influence people? So, there are books which everyone claims to read, but has never read. Some people go as far as putting these books on their shelves, to make people think how wise they are for studying these books. Well, I don’t have a shelf (perks of electronic books) butContinue reading “My Thoughts After Reading How to Win Friends and Influence People”

Book Review: Know is a Four-Letter Word

Introduction: No is a Four-Letter Word is a self-help book by Chris Jericho. It was published in 2017. The book talks about twenty principles which Jericho believes can bring success in life. Chris uses examples from his life and career to illustrate the usefulness of these twenty principals, along with certain incidents in his life.Continue reading “Book Review: Know is a Four-Letter Word”