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Video Game History: Why Sega Dreamcast failed, a Case Study

Introduction: The sixth generation of video game consoles was an interesting one. not only because it laid down the foundation for modern gaming in many aspects, but because of Sega’s exit from the market entirely, and Microsoft’s entry with Xbox. This was a big thing to note, since Sega was a big competitor of NintendoContinue reading “Video Game History: Why Sega Dreamcast failed, a Case Study”

Interview with a Screenwriter: Yumio Katsumata

Introduction: Yumio Katsumata is a Japanese screenwriter, who immigrated to United States from Japan. I met him on Twitter, where he shares the kind of food he likes to cook, and an occasional story which he wrote. Both of us talked a lot with each other, for we both shared several common interests: video games,Continue reading “Interview with a Screenwriter: Yumio Katsumata”