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A Brief History of Catch Wrestling

A history of the predecessor to modern day professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. Catch wrestling, also known as catch-as-catch-can, hooking, loose-hold, shoot wrestling, strong style, Lancashire wrestling, is a British grappling style, a hybrid fighting style developed by mixing and matching the British folk wrestling styles, and added spice from the rest of theContinue reading “A Brief History of Catch Wrestling”

Book Review: Know is a Four-Letter Word

Introduction: No is a Four-Letter Word is a self-help book by Chris Jericho. It was published in 2017. The book talks about twenty principles which Jericho believes can bring success in life. Chris uses examples from his life and career to illustrate the usefulness of these twenty principals, along with certain incidents in his life.Continue reading “Book Review: Know is a Four-Letter Word”