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Bloganuary: Why Do You Write?

Why do I write? It is not just this prompt. Many people ask me, why do I write? It is not like I’m earning fuckton of money, or I’m some insanely popular blogger. I barely get 100 readers every month, and that is the reality. Even the likes of Google don’t consider my blog toContinue reading “Bloganuary: Why Do You Write?”

Interview with Stuart Danker, Malaysian Author and Blogger

Introduction: I’m about the most average person you’d meet. A 39-year-old from Malaysia, who’s written for a living for almost a decade, and that’s after another decade just flitting from one job to another, trying to find his way in life. Stuart Danker is a Malaysian author and a blogger, who writes on his blogContinue reading “Interview with Stuart Danker, Malaysian Author and Blogger”