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Fan Fiction Author Interview: Third Fang

I was bored. Third Fang is a fan fiction writer. He is known for writing epic length stories, which expand the lore of a particular fandom. So far, he has written four stories, two of them are Naruto fan fictions titled Yet Again, With Little Extra Help and its sequel Take Two Round Two, andContinue reading “Fan Fiction Author Interview: Third Fang”

Author Interview: Uncle Jack

Introduction: Mister Cynical is a fan fiction author, known for his stories Nothing But Trouble, Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum and its sequel The Two Princes of Hogwarts. He has been writing or reading the fan fictions for a long time, and today, I interview him. This isn’t the first time I have interviewed aContinue reading “Author Interview: Uncle Jack”

Interview with a Troll: Carlos Garbiras

Introduction: Carlos Garbiras writes on medium, and sometimes, he is active on Twitter. As you will learn through this interview, he is a massive troll as well. I have to keep the interview short, because I couldn’t think of more questions due to the laughter I was experiencing. Also, please do check out my webContinue reading “Interview with a Troll: Carlos Garbiras”

Bloganuary: Why Do You Write?

Why do I write? It is not just this prompt. Many people ask me, why do I write? It is not like I’m earning fuckton of money, or I’m some insanely popular blogger. I barely get 100 readers every month, and that is the reality. Even the likes of Google don’t consider my blog toContinue reading “Bloganuary: Why Do You Write?”

Interview with Irina, Anime Blogger

Introduction: Irina is a blogger, who writes about anime. Unlike me, however, she writes about anime only, instead of moving from topic to topic. Also, she writes and publishes a post daily, something which I admire, but do not wish to replicate. You can check out her blog here. Interview: Me: I like to startContinue reading “Interview with Irina, Anime Blogger”

Interview with a Screenwriter: Yumio Katsumata

Introduction: Yumio Katsumata is a Japanese screenwriter, who immigrated to United States from Japan. I met him on Twitter, where he shares the kind of food he likes to cook, and an occasional story which he wrote. Both of us talked a lot with each other, for we both shared several common interests: video games,Continue reading “Interview with a Screenwriter: Yumio Katsumata”

Interview with Darya, a Book Reviewer

Introduction Darya Silman is a book reviewer and beta reader, whom I met on Twitter. Silman is not exactly her real surname, because her real surname is hard to pronounce. She was initially wary of this interview, much like other people I have interviewed here on my blog. But I managed to convince her. MaybeContinue reading “Interview with Darya, a Book Reviewer”

Author Interview: Sean Armstrong

Introduction: Sean Armstrong is the author of the The Green Girl and The Serum. I met him on Twitter, and he agreed for this small conversation. Without further waiting, let’s begin the interview! The interview: Me: First, I would like to welcome you to Muse of Eagle. I like to start with a simple question,Continue reading “Author Interview: Sean Armstrong”

Book Review: Know is a Four-Letter Word

Introduction: No is a Four-Letter Word is a self-help book by Chris Jericho. It was published in 2017. The book talks about twenty principles which Jericho believes can bring success in life. Chris uses examples from his life and career to illustrate the usefulness of these twenty principals, along with certain incidents in his life.Continue reading “Book Review: Know is a Four-Letter Word”

Reflection on a Year of Blogging

Let’s reflect on one year of blogging. I started this blog on August 14 2021, (which is a shorter way of saying August of the last year) and I have completed a one full year of constant posting. Naturally, it wasn’t easy, since no one around me was doing blogging, or any kind of writingContinue reading “Reflection on a Year of Blogging”