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Thoughts in My Mind While Reviewing

These are the thoughts which go through my head each time I review something.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, then you know, I review a lot of stuff here. As a result, it has started to affect me in real life. For example, one day at dinner, this happened.

Me: (After tasting the dinner) the consistency can use some work. The combination of spices does not work. Though the smell is great… somehow.

My mom: *Furious glair*

Yeah. That happened.

But jokes aside, reviewing is serious business. And these are the thoughts which go through my head each time I review something.

First, am I even worthy of reviewing it? I mean, am I qualified to even talk about this thing? What would people think. Would they even care?

Second, am I forming the right opinions regarding it? When I review something, I don’t look up at the internet, and see what people are saying about it. Because I’m not here to regurgitate what other people think. I’m here to tell you my own thoughts after I have read or watched something. Still, there is always some fear that I might just end up forming the wrong opinions about a work.

Is the info I’m presenting to my readers accurate? This comes when I’m reviewing a technical work. Slightest mistake can be bad here.

Is a blind guy supposed to review a movie or anime? Given how I can’t talk about artwork or animation quality, or acting, this thought bothers me a lot. Though I can certainly talk about the story, voice acting, and music.

These are the thoughts which bother me while I review something. I hope you enjoyed reading this short article. Follow me on Twitter:

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Published by Tanish Shrivastava

I'm a guy who likes programming, chess, and writing.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts in My Mind While Reviewing

  1. It has struck me how different your gauge for anime is going to be compared to others, and that’s a very interesting perspective to come from. I also think impostor syndrome is universal, and that it’s very normal to feel that way, no matter what we do.

    Anyway, just realised that you’re playing chess with pure memory too, and that’s badass.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. When I review something visual like anime or a movie, I ignore everything like animation quality and stuff since I can’t assess those things. When it comes to movies, I also ignore who is acting in that movie. I have seen people watching shitty movies just because some “Great” actor is in it.

      To me, story is the most important, regardless of the medium.

      Algebraic notation goes a long way in helping me understand positions, but chess books are useless since they use diagrams or unfamiliar or unpronounceable symbols, and my screen reader basically says, “Nope, not getting paid enough to deal with this. I’m out.”

      Anyway, glad you enjoyed my ramblings.

      Liked by 2 people

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