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Anime Review: Elfen Lied


Elfen Lied is a dark fantasy science fiction manga by the author Lynn Okamoto. It was published from June 2002 to August 2005, for total 12 volumes. It was later adapted into an anime series, which ran for 13 episodes, plus 1 OVA.

The series revolves around the interaction between humans and Diclonii, a mutant species which has two horns on their head (Which sounds awesome, no matter what people have to say about that,) having the power called Vector, transparent telekinetically controlled arms that have the power to manipulate and cut objects within their reach.

The title of the series refers to a German song called “Elve’s song,” formally called “Song of the Elves.”


Elfen Lied takes place in Kamakura and Kanagawa, and focuses on the “Diclonius”, a newly mutated species. Their appearance is similar to humans, but with several differences, namely horn-like protrusions on the forehead and the presence of telekinetic invisible arms called “Vectors”. One such Diclonius, Lucy, is the main character of the series: Initially held in a facility built for experimentation, located off the coast of Kamakura, she manages to escape and wreak havoc, but is injured in the process, an event which causes her to develop a secondary, childlike personality known as Nyu.

Lucy is found by two locals, Kouta, who studies at the local university, and his cousin Yuka. They take her in, and become involved with the numerous, often brutal, attempts to recapture her by a Special Assault Team and a number of other Diclonius, who shift frequently from oblivious to murderous.

My watching experiences:

First, a few words for the opening. I really like this haunting beautifully sung opening song. If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you will know that I prefer the openings which are related with the story, as opposed to loud and bombastic music with cheesy lyrics.

Second, be ready for many, many disturbing scenes which you would like to forget soon enough, lest they torment you in your nightmares.

And third, just know this that the human kind has the potential for cruelty, which is unrivaled on this planet. We barely treat humans with different traits correctly, so mutants have no hope of getting better treatment from us. Which makes me sad.


To watch this series, is mean to suffer alongside the characters. It also means listen to the haunting song from the opening playing throughout the episodes, as well as rainy scenes, lots and lots of rainy scenes.

Seriously, how come that city is not flooded I’ll never understand.

The anime ended before the manga got completed. So they have different ending. But in my opinion, the ending of the anime is not bad at all.

I personally recommend this series, just schedule something happier to watch once you’re done, or, watch something light hearted alongside Elfen Lied, to balance out the sadness.

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