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Interview with Ryan Biddulph, Pro Blogger

surfing in Bali


The biggest change is that spammers no longer reach page 1 of Google. Google and other well-known sites demand that you gain exposure only by being a genuine expert who works years to hone your craft.

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger who runs a traveling site called Blogging from Paradise. He also shares his advice to the young bloggers indiscriminately. he is running his blog for over fourteen years, so naturally, he has collected a lot of wisdom over that time.

The interview:

Me: I always like to start with a simple question. So tell us a little
about yourself?

Ryan: I am a world traveling blogger who helps people succeed with blogging. I run a site called Blogging From Paradise.

Me: When did you begin writing, did you use to write before opening your blog?

Ryan: No I did not; I began writing when I began blogging. However, I did a little bit of writing 30 years prior, in school, in the USA.

Me: What did you use to do before you started blogging?

Ryan: I was a security guard in a shipping terminal before blogging.

Me: You began blogging in 2008. What motivated you to start blogging?

Ryan: I wanted freedom more than anything. I tired of trading time for money. I wished to make money online when I slept, or, when I was offline. I knew blogging required work but at least I would no longer trade time for money.

Me: You’ve been doing this for close to 14 years. What kind of changes
have you seen in the blogosphere in that time?

Ryan: The biggest change is that spammers no longer reach page 1 of Google. Google and other well-known sites demand that you gain exposure only by being a genuine expert who works years to hone your craft.

Me: You appear to give a lot of tips for the new bloggers on your blog
for free, instead of putting it in some online course. Why is that? I
know some people personally, who would charge a fortune for the info
you offer for free.

Ryan: I learned long ago that the richest, most powerful, most free people on earth give away a fortune for free before earning a worldly fortune. Mark Z made Facebook a free to join site with no adds or form of monetizing for years when he could have made $100 million to $500 million or more because he still needed to gain exposure and credibility. Now he is worth $70 billion because he gave it all away, for free, for a long, long time.

I do sell online courses and manuals; both are available on my blog. However, to gain exposure and credibility, bloggers need to give away their best work for a bit.

Me: What do you think about the advice like “Write daily”? Do you
think that bloggers should write daily, even if they only publish

Ryan: Yes because if you practice writing you will become a clear, confident writer. Clear, confident writers become successful bloggers.

Me: I think writing is a mentally demanding task. Do you agree?

Ryan: Definitely! Writing forces you to face fear. Feeling fear seems exhausting to me, sometimes.

Me: Continuing on from the previous question, I see writing as like
weight lifting. Start light, and then lift heavier weights. Similarly,
write small articles, and then write bigger and bigger pieces. What do
you think about that? Is my thinking correct?

Ryan: I agree 100% my friend. Start small. Add as you grow.

Me: So, did you give YouTube a try?

Ryan: I publish videos on YT but have no attention and energy to really grow it; most of my focus goes to my blog because I own my blog.

Me: What do you think about the rise of video platforms? Do you think
that in this age of videos, does text writing have any place?

Ryan: Video seems to be gaining popularity but if humans enjoy reading, writing will have its place.

Me: You have traveled a lot. Have you ever met some bloggers on your
journey face-to-face?

Ryan: I met many bloggers in India, in Pondicherry and Chennai. I also met a blogger in Thailand.

Me: Do you have some interesting traveling stories for us?

Ryan: This link lists 27 of my wildest travel stories:


Me: When I was just starting out, I found a blog post talking about
how most people can’t write a blog consistently for a year, and before
the year ends, they’ll stop writing. What could be the reason for
that, in your opinion?

Ryan: Most bloggers blog to get money or to be popular. Neither happens within 1 year, so they quit when they lose their motivator.

Me: What kind of fields would you suggest for a beginner blogger to
avoid, because they’re already saturated?

Ryan: Saturation does not exist in a Universe of abundance.

Me: Any final words for the aspiring bloggers?

Ryan: Follow your fun! Do what you love doing to find an endless supply of energy for blogging.

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Published by Tanish Shrivastava

I'm a guy who likes programming, chess, and writing.

12 thoughts on “Interview with Ryan Biddulph, Pro Blogger

  1. Hey, I know this guy! It’s so cool that we’re all connecting with each other, and how small WordPress actually is once we start getting to know the other bloggers. Sure, there are millions of blogs, but the usual suspects tend to be a select few. I like Ryan’s work, so thanks for putting this together, Tanish!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know. I saw you commenting on his blog as well.

      The reason why the word press community is small is because there are very few of us who post regularly, and high quality content which is not quote collection or some other lazy thing like that.

      Thanks for the comment, Stuart.

      Liked by 1 person

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